I have taken my time to see the point in this adage that says, ‘when you see an aged man running, he is either going after something or something is coming for him’, and I have come to this conclusion – man is always on the run for plenty reasons. The ‘something’ referred to in the adage could mean anything, although it is common logic to infer that man is always running from what he does not want and running towards what he wants.

What bothers me in the above analogy is this – what if man fails to catch up with what he wants and what he does not want in his life catches up with him? Is that enough reason to terminate one’s life by himself? Is that enough reason to act cowardly rather than turn around and face that thing you do not want in your life?  At this point, let me say that if you are still in doubt on what side of the table I sit, let it be clear that I sit at the side of the table that says suicide is an act of cowardice!

I will try to thread carefully as I see this matter as a very delicate one. I always feel some sort of rage within me when I hear someone committed suicide. This was the kind of rage I felt within me when I saw on the news the gist of that doctor who took his own life by jumping over the bridge into the lagoon. The rage I feel is birthed from my judgement – as a matter of being fair, I will assume that whatever the doctor ran from caught up with him, so rather than face the whole situation, he chose to terminate his own life; now, you know my take on this.

Another reason for my rage is that while the dead is gone, he has left some loved ones behind; sad and sorrowful loved ones that will forever bask in the misery and pain of knowing that a loved one took his own life. Quoting one of my favourite lines from The Blacklist’s Raymond Reddington, “suicide is an act of terrorism and an act of selfishness”. Reddington felt any one capable of committing suicide is not just selfish but does not care if he will hurt the feelings of those that care about him in the process. He finally concludes that such person is a terrorist.

Talking about referring to someone capable of committing suicide as a terrorist, the Nigerian lawmakers view attempted suicide or any negative advice that may lead to suicide as a felony which is punishable by one year imprisonment. I stand with the lawmakers, for this implies that the law shall punish you if you dare fail in your attempt to end your life or if you dare advice another to do. Simply put, if the situation is bad, just stick to it and face it rather than be a coward because if you don’t succeed in making your loved ones cry then you’re done for – don’t think I feel good about this by the way!

On a lighter note, I know  of a Yoruba proverb which I do not conform with that says “iku yara ju esin lo” which means it is better to die than to be involved in a scandal, I will rather sign up with the proverb that says “ori bibe ko ni ogun ori fifo”. When the proverb is translated, it means when you have a headache, the cure is not to take off the head.

Don’t terminate your life, rather think about what tomorrow has got to offer.