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“We write because we have something to say and not because we want to say something.” – Scott Fitzgerald

This has been my drive towards putting ink on the paper. On many occasions, a man’s mind creates scenes relating from memories and imaginations and when the arrangement becomes perfect, it becomes the duty of the pen to put it on paper. Writing from non-thinking mind is what we call jargons because such article will be lacking the vital stuff – idea.

I had always believed and held on to the fact that writing is all about creating ideas and working upon it but one a particular day, I found out about the use of ‘instincts’.

“Ideas load the gun, instincts pull the trigger.” – Don Marquis

The Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, 7th Edition defines instinct as “a natural tendency for people and animals to behave in a particular way using the knowledge and abilities that they were born with rather than thought or training”. You obviously don’t need to be trained to make use of your gun while facing an enemy, in the same light, everybody on this team has an in-born quality to know what to do with a pen; we possess the quality to make use of the mind and the end process of penning it down.

“Writing is beyond mere ideas.”

With that, we welcome you to this blog where you will be entertained and educated on various topics and segments of life. There are different columns and sub columns on here to thrill you alongside young and bright writers whose writing strength grows daily.

We write our life relating articles with a free mind, so therefore any form of resemblance is totally coincidental and no offence whatsoever should be taken on such write up. We kindly urge our readers to understand our articles came out of a clean conscience, no malice of any kind. Thank you.

If you wish to write for us or contribute in any form or manner (this is besides commenting on any post published on the blog), kindly write us at instinctswithbamzie@yahoo.com. Please note that we hold and maintain any right to edit any write-up submitted and we don’t have any payment provisions as at the moment for any writer willing to so contribute.

Thank you very much for viewing.
Team Instincts With Bamzie.

Contact Number: 08024019777


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