“nobody wan kpai but them wan go heaven…”

I took that line from 2 face Idibia’s popular track “no shaking”. One of my best songs till this day, and I hope I’m not the only one that digs this artist’s songs. One part of that track that makes me wonder whenever I listen to this track is the part where 2 face kept on repeating “nobody wan kpai but them wan go heaven”. In all realness, can someone make it to heaven without first dying?

In one sentence, the way to heaven is by leaving this world. In the same way, I wonder how someone can be made in this world without working towards it, or how someone can be made the oga at the company without having worked towards it. The only way to sleep in the correct posture at night is to have gotten a pillow during the day.

You must KPAI!
You must hustle, you must grab opportunities from the beards for it may be bald behind – you cannot afford to delay! Kpai means to die, and of course dying is not easy – things will get scary, very scary and confusing but you cannot turn back because of these challenges. You must do the extraordinary, for this is the only way to achieve the extraordinary. In order to kpai, you must believe in a supernatural being for it is every man for himself, God for us all.

Welcome to HEAVEN!
The first warning is that the journey to heaven differ for each man, while some will get to heaven easily, some will get there by making so many sacrifices. In the end, one thing is we must ensure to get to his own heaven. The second warning is that every man’s level of comfort in his heaven differs.

I have not seen much in life, but I’ve seen things too. No one has ever laid on his bed lazily and hummed loudly the song “pick up” by Dekunle Gold and made it.
We will hustle and call God, and that’s when God will pick up the call and welcome you to heaven.
Maybe I should remind you that God can only pick a call when the phone is ringing out loud.

You have to kpai to live on earth as if it is heaven



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