I know a quote that goes thus, “The only way to achieve your dreams is to wake up”, so why lie on your bed and hum the song “pick up the call” by Adekunle Gold? I tell you this, it is just a mere song and not a prayer until you get up from your bed and hustle. Perhaps, you want me to remind you that God cannot pick up a call when the phone is not ringing.

I don’t write because I want to say something but because I’ve got something to say. That means I don’t babble. Even my random thoughts are equally tough with reasoning like my older posts when I was not occupied with what I’m occupied with right now.
Anyway, I still can hear critics talk here and there. I know and understand them very well – talk is cheap!

“How are you?” “Hope you are okay”.
Questions like these I get tired of answering, because the people asking the questions cannot help.
Why ask after a sick man’s health seven days in a week when you won’t take a day out to stretch forth your hands?
Bunch of hypocrites that can’t help, abeg who you epp?! Then they will say “go and make us proud”, I laugh.
Hello… I’m making it for myself, then my family. How can I make you proud of me when you are not family?

Family! Shout out to family!! Shout out to friends that became family!!! Especially to you the goddess!!!!

Every one has got a story, even those that never hustled have their own story. One thing I know however is, some stories can never inspire.

We live for tomorrow. Be good or be bad, be nice or wicked, be friendly or be hostile! It is your life, not mine, you will know when you don’t find anyone in your tomorrow.

We will be rich, that’s faith!
We are working hard to be rich, that’s work!
Faith with works is alive!
Keep staying alive, after all, when there is life, there’s hope!
Keep the hope alive!!

There’s no better feeling than knowing that someone somewhere that you love loves you back equally. Shout out to all the lovers!

The world is a race, I hear them say. If it is a race, I’m so sure it is not a hundred-meter race, because it is by enduring that we will finish well. It is surely not a hundred-meter race because it is only in marathon races that one needs to endure – your strength will be tested, your sight will be tested, your knowledge will be tested, your focus will be tested, your steadiness will be tested. It is only by enduring that you will end well, I can hear someone say no one can endure till the end without God! I concur!!

Welcome to the world. Warning: You will be tested.


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