If you don’t want to see the lions, don’t go to the den. It is as simple as that.
You don’t like the sight of earth worms then why dig muddy floor? For the search of gold? Definitely not!
So I laugh at pretenders. One question, “who are you deceiving?”

You want to stay away from sex and yet you wander about clubs and brothels, telling yourself you won’t do beyond sightseeing… Tell me once more, who are you deceiving?

No one avoiding the wrath of cobra goes on to step on the tail of the cold blooded killer.

You don’t mix white and red and expect to see purple, how is that possible?
We get from life what we give it.

We get better from life, sometimes, what we don’t give it. Some call that magic, i call that miracle… Yes, some call it luck, i call it favour, grace…

And so some people are in a haste to judge…hmmm! I wonder in my mind if the referee that kept flaunting red cards and yellow to players on the pitch can stand a full soccer match without getting booked himself. The role of a Judge is fucking easy! Step up your game and stop playing the easy role.

You can’t please anyone, but you can please yourself so why search further for whom to please when you are here.
Money means nothing to me, yes! I mean, ask me for some money and you’ll get nothing. Someone once said “I hate money but it is the lack of money I hate most”. It is definitely good to have money. I heard it answers all things.

Get away with murder, get away with every crime, dont clap for yourself yet until you get away from yourself.

You don’t know the way out of the mess? It is easy – the way you came in. A friend once entered a shop through a door because he saw “enter”, when he was done he searched and searched for another that should probably have “exit” written on it. Why search for a new door when the door that you came in through is still there. Just step out the way you came in. Okay, maybe I made that sound very easy but reality is everything is possible for him that believes.

Call a pastor to give love its sight because it wants to lust around. However, Juliet wants Love to remain blind all Romeo cares. Love is what it is and the loved ought not to be jealous because the lover is blind – can’t see or hear any evil!

In the end, I still can hear everybody singing and humming the song “pick up the call” by Adekunle Gold and yet they lie on their beds with no attempt to hustle. They are just humming the track, they are not making any call. How can God pick up a call when the phone is ringing?

This is life, welcome here!


4 thoughts on “WORDS OF THE MIND

  1. Bito 02/04/2016 / 11:29

    Thumbs up brotherly. I love this.


    • 'Bamiyo 14/04/2016 / 08:51

      Thanks brother.
      Bless up! See you in Lag soon


  2. Ann 14/04/2016 / 14:34

    Very good writeup!


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