(the thoughts of a real nigga friend who ran the streets in the year 2015)


I was speaking to Trick on the 25th. Day 0 hitta not seen him in a year. Comic-Hands-Peace-Sign-Shirts

I told him I was Surviving..My nigga told me that I wasn’t .I was actually living well. My Pillow isn’t under the bridge. I’m grateful.
I had a good year I’m alive but I didn’t have a great year.
I’ve had to deal with keeping it real in this Society where everything is Stage managed.
When they see you keeping it real when you’re not conforming to the society’s belief even your friends Gan turn their backs.
Yet they want shout outs at the end of the year
I’ve had to deal with the hungry ones this year. Help them with some money, food and shelter and they still Gan be ungrateful.
I’ve had to deal with the ones who don’t even know me but talk about me like they do.
I’ve dealt with the ones who just wanna feel like they’re the shit. Niggas don’t even smell like shit yet I’ve seen them try so hard to fit into the Society. What happened to Standing Out?
I’ve been dealing with myself all year. I told myself 2015 was the year Trust me I had high hopes and I worked towards it. I wasn’t just sitting doing nothing. It irks me when some ppl say shit I’m like nigga you know the shit I have to bear with on a daily basis just to be d shit I wanna be?
I lost someone special last year it was quiet loud but I moved on I learnt from my past mistakes. This year Y’ll only knew about what I wanted you to hear. I’m happy with the less drama.
This year I got to know myself better maybe that’s why I care less about what you all have to say about my appearance.
I don’t give a hoot if you still think I’m in any illegal group. Still I’m guilty by affiliation..
I’ve been rolling with those that stay on the good shit cos we wanna break free from the Crowd Mentality. Still sticking to the dream while you all are still on that warm up year and game time year ish.
I’m never gonna limit myself the way you do.
So the real BigUps is to those that see the Potential and Believe in it.
Those that’s had my back through the Ugly Times this year I can’t forget you ✌
BigUps to the g’s that’s been on their Grind this year. Stay Scheming!! Things can only get better jare.

In the New Year I just wanna keep getting better in every aspect of my life, stay free from negativity, Double Up and have a better relationship with God. What about you?




2 thoughts on “WHAT ABOUT YOU?

  1. Atinuke 31/12/2015 / 21:54

    Reaaaaalestttt 😊


    • Oluwasegun 01/01/2016 / 23:14

      Thanks Atinuke 😘😘😘


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