My fellow rats,

I wish to, before I talk about what is on my mind, greet you as regards the season. I hope you are having a swell time over there. I want you to know I’ve been writing and sending several notes all through the year to you guys and I’ve not gotten any response from you, not even one. I understand how difficult it is to get a note from that side of the town to this side, however, my fear is, perhaps, you guys haven’t gotten any of these letters.

I wish to, secondly, apprise you of the way things are in this house. I think last month or so, pardon me for not keeping proper records, the reason is because there’s no calendar in the store where I reside now. The store, yes! The store, as I was saying, became my new home around last month and ever since I found this new place, I’ve been living a good life and it is evident on my skin – fresh, chubby are few adjectives to qualify my looks now. This store is just the best, as it is next to the kitchen. You can imagine how sweet things can be, this means I get to eat cooked food as well from the trash bin.

The trash bin, what an excellent invention it is! I run into it to get some good food for my health whenever I’m tired of eating raw rice and also drop my notes which I write whenever I miss you guys. Oho! Why did you think I so much love the trash bin? You think it’s because of the meal? No, not that but because I get to pass my notes through it to you guys. The trash bin is emptied every Thursday and taken to the dumpsite where you guys live.

Notwithstanding the praises I just accorded the trash bin, you should know it has its own disadvantages too. It caused the death of Kane few days back. While he was in there to eat some yam peels, he was seen by one giant man that everyone calls “daddy” and was smashed to death. This “daddy” is a very wicked giant indeed. I know this because there was a time I ran into another giant man with heavy chest and this man jumped away from the way for me to pass. They call this giant man “mummy”. I think I like mummy so much.

Finally, I wish to let you guys know how lonely and bored I am in this store. If not for the good living here I would have found my way out. And even if I was going to do that, the question is where do I know? Last week, shortly after Kane was smashed to death, Mama, who knows the way around this place, was, in the process of going to take some fresh air in the window side, stuck to one sticky yellow sheet, and as a result couldn’t move. She was there until the giant man everyone calls “daddy” came and killed her. Mama is gone to rest just like Kane; I hope you all will observe some minutes silence for them; the brothers in the neighbouring house will come over because we communicate at night with loud squeaks.

I miss you guys so much.

Your brother,



3 thoughts on “RAT NOTES

  1. More 15/08/2016 / 01:31

    Lool…such a nice piece ☺, u inspire me..


    • 'Bamiyo 29/09/2016 / 22:07

      Thank you very much ma’am.
      I truly appreciate the kind words, and I’m always glad to inspire.


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