cropped-instincts1.jpgDid I appear really appealing the first we met – I don’t really think so, maybe my cleavage caught your attention. Having known what catches your fancy, I began to dress to kill from the second time we met and here I am this morning on your bed. Who no want better thing, shior?!

I knew from the first night that you are that “omo baba olowo” after all you have kuku shown me that you really have the money, been bragging with it – the result is that I too will show you that I have the brain, you have it and I know how to spend it. I actually pitied you by letting you into me last night since I was left with no excuse anymore. I had used my “I’m on my period” lie the last time – it won’t work if I now use it just two weeks after. You didn’t observe when I said I pitied you last night, did you? Well, for your information, I pitied you – don’t forget you did all the work while I laid down like a log of wood with the ever effective “baby, I’m so weak” lie while faking orgasm because I know that way you won’t be on me for long thinking you’ve won. Ode oshi!

Mr. Perfect Gentleman, osheey! You really think you’ve found a sweetheart the night your padi’s “girlfriend” introduced me to you. Well, I think you have found a sweetheart; after all, I’ve been gladly playing along – showing up when you want me around , cooking sumptuous meals, tidying the room. It’s just my time and energy but really it has been your money Mr. Big Spender!

Mr. Big Spender – shebi you’re cool with calling the shots, so I don’t expect you to complain anytime soon, we’ve just begun. On top my list is a phone; I need a new phone, I’m thinking of an iphone 6 since it’s not really expensive and I’m not the demanding type sha; for your information I’m making my hair this weekend, and if I don’t then I’m not going to smile in front of your friends; I just need to look good for you so you can flaunt me in front of your friends all you like, after all, that’s what we both want.

*slots in “Can’t Smile Without You by Barry Manilow*

Swerve! I’m jealous oh, don’t go frolicking about with some other random chic – don’t become everybody’s spender… god forbid bad thing!

Meanwhile, I’m still on your bed with your arms on my lovely butt, play with the beads – I’m not kuku a saint, after all, I know what I really want and I must get it before we break up ‘cos I know you’ll look sideways very soon, I too will. That’s natural.

From Your Supposedly “Newly Found Hoe”,
Miss Smart Chic That Has Nothing To Lose.



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