SCAREDI enjoy seeing scary movies alone or sometimes with my guys. This has been a long time invention as I always try to avoid any drama that will hinder me from enjoying every bit of the movie – the lady folks get frightened and tensed easily then they turn you into their clutch bag or air bag depending on how frightened they are or how creepy the scene is.

This brings me to the talk for the week. Why get scared when seeing a scary movie? It beats my imagination to an extent to place it – you know you’re going to see a scary movie (at least you must have seen the trailer or even read the review from and yet you get frightened when the protagonist is walking alone in the dark or when the zombie appears from the dark.

Another one that makes me ask myself if we are not just scared because we want to be scared is when we jump off our seats or get tensed when we hear the scary soundtracks or when everything goes silent all of a sudden, as if getting scared is fun these days. I mean, whatever happened to the saying to be forewarned is to be fore-armed.

I’m not trying to say I’m a boss or a tough guy, at least getting frightened is a natural stage we all will pass through. However what I’m saying is we cannot get stuck on this stage till the show is over. The stage where we get frightened should last while we watch the trailer or at worst after seeing three to five scenes (I judge that’s even too much but in an attempt to carry everyone along). What should happen afterwards is the stage where we prepare to have fun seeing that scary movie, followed by the stage where we begin to have fun seeing the scary movie and finally the aftermath where we can share stories of the scary plot. I bet if you didn’t see the movie with a relaxed mind, you must have found it hard to follow and understand. If this is the case, you might have a poor time sharing the stories.

I wish to appeal to everybody about to see a movie he or she has heard it’s a scary one to try as much as possible to enjoy the scary movie, nothing pays more than that.

Dedicated to those about to begin a challenging trip, which has been associated with various scary stories. To my folks as we prepare for Nigerian Law School, God bless us.


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