Let me tell you a short story of a man who kept complaining all his life. He always blamed his hardship on Adam and Eve for eating the apple in the Garden of Eden, he complained everyday of his life, and one day he met a rich man who promised to give him a good life only if he could stop putting his blame on the first man and woman on earth. The rich man put him in a big house filled with food and every basic thing he needed, he however gave him just one rule which was he would never step out of the main door into the compound. He lived that life perfectly for years but one night, he was bored inside the house so he got up and opened the door slightly to peep into the compound. He was caught and chased out of the sweet house, and once again he went back to his old style of lamenting saying “It was Adam oh, it was Eve! It was Adam oh, it was Eve!!”

Most people complain about things they can’t control and yet when you hand over to them things they can control they still fail to control it. The world itself is a mystery – it consists of two things, those things we can control and those things we cannot control, that’s just the way it is. We cannot lament over those things we cannot control because it has been made to be that way rather we are to look into those things within our control.

You were given birth into a poor background, you don’t have to waste a tear over that because buckets of tears won’t change it, rather you’re to look ahead and see the things you can control, most importantly creating chances for a better life.

    Even those that bleach still see their black skins so what’s the stress for?

You were given birth to as a black man; you can go on lamenting saying life would have been better if you were born in the United States but it won’t change your citizenry not to talk of it changing your colour. Even those that bleach still see their black skins so what’s the stress for? Rather you can control those things within your reach or have you not heard of whites who salute blacks for remarkable achievements?

You’re the shortest in your circle, and so? You should know already you can do little or nothing about your height but you can do a lot to reach greater heights.

Enough has been said already – just control the situation and stop complaining!

Happy Week Ahead!


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