We got serious on this break issue last week with Sunday Fadipe.

The whole essence of taking a break is to get the chance to rest from certain stuffs. Back in secondary school, we went on breaks because all day in classroom could be tiring and boring, therefore grabbing lunch was only natural. Then we got into the higher learning institutes and breaks were symbols of rest from learning. When schools are on break, it means there won’t be lectures, no speedy reading, no late night sleeping and early waking.
Same thing applies for relationships; when a relationship is on a break it simply means the things bound to happen in a relationships aren’t happening – good talks, evening strolls, hang outs at the movies, good kiss and so many more.

Today, I’ve got this strong South African lady and poet, Victress M Mbali as she speaks for the ladies on this topic.

Bamzie: What does it mean when a dude and his girl in a relationship decide on taking a break?

Victress: While with my understanding if a guy would say we should take a break, first and foremost I would ask if while on the break we are allowed to see other people, and then I would take my decision from there, I mean we ain’t at work or school for breaks and rest.
Clearly if relationships are made to have breaks meaning things went serious from the word go.

Bamzie: So how will u define a break after all?

Victress: It’s where I just rest and enjoy things I like. I mean after a long year I normally take a break to relax and reflect.

    I’m saying a break is done at the end, how would you understand a person while you’re not with them?

Bamzie: Clearly, you are saying a break is bent towards the beginning of the end rather than a moment to understand each other, since it’s about relaxation, right?

Victress: Yes, I’m saying a break is done at the end, how would you understand a person while you’re not with them?
Nope, a break in a relationship means we are done but we can still have some benefits.

Bamzie: Wow. That’s deep! Now that we are beginning to understand what a break really means, in your opinion, with all sincerity, which of the sexes opt more for a break?

Victress: Well in most cases its always the woman, and I get to understand that it’s because they don’t really know what they want out of the relationship, sometimes its people who are undecided and do not knw what they want out of things.

Bamzie: Very well, I’ll have to agree since that’s what Sunday Fadipe thinks too.
So, still about it. Are breaks really good in a relationship, are they really needed at all in a relationship?

Victress: No, breaks ain’t good in relationships, I mean if we take a break that simply means I would have to benefit from someone else, that means cheating which could break the relationship up anyways.
If you love someone why need a break? Because if it’s love, then you always wanna see yourslf around him or her which is bound to happen in good and bad times.

Bamzie: Victress, you’re saying no circumstance whatsoever could warrant a break?

Victress: Yes that’s what I’m saying, remember a relationship is based on two parties which is you and I, and if we love each other we are bound to stick together come rain come shine.

Bamzie: We’ve come to the end of the interview, so I’ll like to give you two direct definitions of taking a break and have you choose one: Does a break mean “I’m tired, I need a rest” or “There’s nothing new, let’s spice it up”?

Victress: For me it means this is boring let’s call it a day, nothing is fun in what we’re doing. Well, it’s a nice way of saying it’s over.


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