Getting serious on this break issue, back in secondary school, we went on break because all day in classroom could be tiring and boring so going to grab lunch was needed. Then, we got into the higher learning institutes and breaks were symbols of rest from learning. When schools are on break then it means there won’t be lectures, no speedy reading, no late night sleeping and early waking.

Same thing applies for relationships; when a relationship is on a break it simply means the things bound to happen in a relationships aren’t happening – good talks, evening strolls, hang outs at the movies, good kiss and so many more.

I’ve got Sunday Fadipe for the guys as we discuss this topic.

Bamzie: What does it mean when a dude and his girl in a relationship decide on taking a break?

Sunday: The issue of taking a break in a relationship can be viewed from two to three different lenses. Firstly, for a relationship fledgling versus a guru, the fledgling might view it as a water break or as half time in a football match where players will resume after 15 minutes. In this case, the fledgling might not know that it actually means “let’s call it quit” or in other situations, he or she might be right, it might just mean let’s take a break and resume after a while. In the latter case, passive surveys have shown that things might never be the same again after a break
Now, not holding anything back, I remember that a lady once told me “let’s suspend this” and I was like, ‘Suspend?’ Na student? Or na worker?”

Bamzie: Ha-ha. Sir, are u saying taking a break is more likely a stage that leads into separation more than the time to amend it?

Sunday: Yes brother. The “water break” most times means “we are no more playing”

Bamzie: I hope you won’t be biased on this one – who opts more for a break in a relationship, guys or the ladies?

    Now, not holding anything back, I remember that a lady once told me “let’s suspend this” and I was like, ‘Suspend?’ Na student? Or na worker?”

Sunday: That’s a bit hard to say, but if I have to pick based on my active and passive experiences, I’d say the ladies.

Bamzie: Are breaks really good in a relationship, and judging from past experience or experiences as the case may be, do you think breaks are needed at all?

Sunday: Well, I think it depends on the circumstances. Just as we use the words, “irretrievable breaking down of marriage” in law to grant divorce, a similar thing can apply to relationships before marriage. If the relationship has got to a stage where it is beyond redemption, it might be necessary to take a break. But personally, I have a principle of not giving up on people. I really might not be able to explain, but I hardly ask for the break. I always believe “there’s light at the end of the tunnel, let’s hold on, be strong and never give up on “us”.
That’s me though. I hardly give up, in all things. So it spills into my relationship

Bamzie: I don’t want to be ridiculous or even attempt to make jest but that sounds like a line you’ve used well when things were about going south

Sunday: Nay! Funnily, if a lady asks for the break, I don’t say otherwise. Reason being that, 99% of the time that ladies ask for breaks, it means their minds are no longer there. And it’s better to just grant their wish like a genie or risk dating yourself while you’re thinking you’re dating someone else.

Bamzie: Wow! So, if breaks are allowed in relationships, how long do you think they should last on the average?
3 months or more? The longer the duration, the lesser the chances of coming back?

Sunday: Well, it depends on the break you’re talking about. Half time break or full time?

Bamzie: Hmm… Let’s say, how long will a break last to know it’s full time or half time as the case may be?

Sunday: There’s no hard and fast rule to this, or let’s say it’s not cast in stone. But my belief is that, the longer the break, the drifter both of them will go.

Bamzie: Thank you boss. Just before you leave the hot seat, one last question

Sunday: Let’s go there

Bamzie: At the beginning, you gave your definitions of a break, however, I came up with two definitions and it will mean it’s either white or black, not grey.
Does a break mean “I’m tired, I need a rest” or “There’s nothing new, let’s spice it up”?
Two options, u can only pick one

Sunday: “I’m tired, I need a rest.

Bamzie: Thanks once again



4 thoughts on “BREAK TIME – A MAN’S VIEW

  1. kittypens 23/07/2015 / 04:19

    Lwkmd!bamzie has finally gone gaga!nice one but 0ga Sunday wld have just been the guy after my heart but for the fact that he was biased. Haba!na guys dey take break most nah and the whole world sef sabi. And the way you related this to football,na you! I mean gf go try,ur own love for football isn’t a small thing. Bamzie be a good child,which one is “go south”*lips sealed*..lool..thumbs up,can’t wait to see what dem gals think. Happy Birthday to you once again,you are bae*winks*


    • 'Bamiyo 23/07/2015 / 14:39

      Oh well..
      Mr. Sunday is a very classic man. You should love him Seyi.

      Thanks dear


  2. adejorin 23/07/2015 / 15:11

    Pretty interesting post, extremely hilarious too . But in my opinion (from my little experience tho), I believe guys ask for breaks more. You know most times guys easily get fed up of those ladies’ annoying palavers and they simply ask for little time off to rest and prepare for more ‘wahalas’… #justmyviewtho
    Nice one @ Bamzie & Sunfad


    • 'Bamiyo 31/08/2015 / 03:17

      I think I agree with your view. Since we believe in Africa to be calling the shots then it is cool to decide when the school should go on break (Chi will accuse me of being a sexist again now).

      Thanks man


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