REST_IN_PEACE_DELILAH_2Delilah landed badly on her back sustaining a slight cut on her shoulder. Groaning deep in pain, she cried weakly, “Jill please, have mercy on me.” Another thunderous kick landed on her side and she fainted.
Jill went for the refrigerator, grabbed a bottle of water. He returned breathing heavily, uncapped the bottle and emptied the cold water on her face. Delilah jerked back to life, fear was written all over face. She struggled to get up and made weakly for the living room, her blood dripping after her to make a trace of where she was heading for – the telephone. She had been stabbed four times and was almost dying. She grabbed the receiver and just when she was about to dial 9-1-1, Jill landed a big blow on her face and she went flat to the rug immediately.

“Please, forgive me Jill”, she begged for her life, as she feared she was dying.

“Ha-ha, you can beg yeah?” Jill mocked, “You sick two-timing bitch, after all I’ve been through for you, you still have the guts to be cheating on me, even right in the flat I got you.”

Jill got up hastily, picked up the receiver and dialed the police. He reported the incident to the police, begging them to hurry up as he’s about to murder his girlfriend for cheating on him. As soon as he was finished, he sat down on the cushion looking down at the dying Delilah and burst into tears. “My Delilah, why did you do this to me, why?” “You let that dude come in here to screw you all night, shame on you – for all your lies, shame on you!”

Few minutes later, he heard the police siren wailing from the cars approaching the house. He went close to Delilah who had passed out and felt for her pulse, on realizing that she was still breathing, he stabbed her the fifth time with the knife he had been holding on to all the while, this time straight into the middle of her breasts.

Delilah went numb, the deed was done!
He clung to her lifeless body sobbing gently. “Forgive me Delilah, I just can’t take it anymore”, he whispered in between tears.


“You haven’t answered my question yet man”, the officer said, feigning the tough face.
“I answered you already man, I did the right thing”, Jill replied. “I called the police to make it easier, so you guys don’t waste valuable time tracking me”, he continued, “You think I’m bothered about whatever happens to me now”. Answering himself, “no, I’m not”.
He turns back to the camera.
“My name is Jill. I killed my bitch girlfriend in the early hours of Saturday, October 3, 1964”
“I must have fallen asleep in my anger for a while when I was disturbed from my sleep by his car engine, I mean the smart guy that took advantage of my dumb bitch all night. As soon as the car was gone, I got out of my car, crossed the road and made for her door”, he pauses and continues after a second, “Sorry, my door, i mean the door of the flat I got her”.
“I knocked and she opened the door smiling and laughing. Of course she ought to be happy; I thought to myself, she had had a very lovely night. I asked her about her night and she said it was boring because she had to spend the night alone and was hoping I came in the morning so she could spend the whole Saturday with me. I laughed out and she joined in laughing.”
“The fake bitch didn’t know I spent the whole night there, across the road waiting for her visitor to leave.” “The bitch didn’t know I saw her banging her visitor.” “The bitch didn’t know I was so hurt within me,” he smiled, “so I showed her a clue of what the morning was going to be about.”
The policeman who had been listening to his testimony was puzzled, he sighed and asked, “Was that the time she knew you had a knife?”
“And that was the time you gave her the first stab or she did she attack first?”
“No, she didn’t,” Jill replied, “even if she was going for a weapon, I wouldn’t have known because I landed a blow on her before stabbing her.”
“We’re done here”, the policeman said.


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