(A Tom Jones Inspiration)

REST_IN_PEACE_DELILAHThe red button on the camera clicks and the big monitor screen comes on…

He adjusts slightly in the wooden chair. He had been in that sitting position for hours and was feeling kind of numb below his knees.
“My name is”, he snaps his face away from the recorder to the policeman standing to his left. “Why do I need to say my name again, at least I’ve said it like ten times today?”
“My name is,” he pauses then continues, “you all don’t need to know my name”. “I committed murder, at least that’s what they say – to be frank, I didn’t commit murder. I just killed my girlfriend and yes, you need to know her name.” He hesitates, “her name is Delilah.”
“It all began on the night of Friday, October 2, 1964. I had planned the night to be a special one to surprise Delilah. My day was crazy, full of work – I’ve got a workaholic boss so it was really tight. We had to deliver packages like we’ll get paid for the previous month but no, we didn’t. The day was just wrong like that, but I didn’t let it get me into cancelling the fun I had in mind for Delilah so when the day was over at work I got into my car and headed for the store to get some berries, beer, cocktail wine, some other stuff to make the evening.” “And yeah, I got a small knife from the store for the cake. I never had one before – I’m not some psycho killer, you know, I’m just a perfect gentleman with an easy life, I mean I was a perfect gentleman ‘cause I don’t think I’m one anymore.”
He takes a deep breath and continues, “I got held up a little longer, so I arrived at her place sometime around 10pm – not sure.” “Got down with the basket of goodies and made for her door but just as I passed by her window I saw some fucking shit.”
“Damn it!” He bangs his fit on the table and looks up to the policeman still standing to his left, “this,” he points to the papers lying on the desk and circles his hand through the room, “everything here is just bullshit – I killed that bitch for what it’s worth. You should give me a medal not that cold stare man!” He said pointing to the face of the policeman.
“You know what I fucking saw, do you care to know?” he quizzed. “I saw my Delilah holding feebly on the blinds, eyes closed, lips spread open in a round shape, sweat beads forming on her forehead – I thought my baby fell into some kind of trance, just when I noticed the shape of a very muscular man form behind her, jamming his waist forth and back into her butt”, he paused and laughs scornfully and picked up his lines slowly and embittered, “one stupid dude was screwing my babe”.
Oh yeah, I thought. The bitch already had her surprise planned out for me. I wanted to go straight in and crash the party but I changed my mind and headed for my car to chill, grab a smoke and wait for my woman. I should have gone, maybe, for the more I watched from the window, the angrier I got.

“Hey, you know how it feels?” He turns to his companion in the room, the police officer. “Do you, gunman know how it feels to stay on with a girl despite rumours and keep believing her lies, trusting her and buying her gifts like she’s some queen, do you huh? He turns his gaze back to the recorder, “I’m sure he doesn’t know how it feels, I’m sure he doesn’t know how it feels to be deceived”.

(Shouting) “My Delilah, why did you do this to me, why?” “You let that dude come in here to screw you all night, shame on you – for all your lies, shame on you!

“Why did you kill her?” the policeman asked looking unapologetic.
“Ha-ha, she wasn’t the girl for me. I saw that before but I was blinded by love – lost like a slave no man could free. I had to fight for my freedom; I simply killed the bitch who imprisoned me all these years.”
“You haven’t answered my question yet man”

“I answered you already man, I did the right thing”



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