I finally had the chance to go through my phone contacts some days back. I’d been looking forward to doing this a long time ago but time had been at my disadvantage. As I looked through, I saw some funny names I gave to some girls on my contact list. There was a particular number I saved as “Lucy 100 Level”, this particular number made me wonder how stale my contact list must be really because if my calculations were right then this same Lucy chic should be in 300 Level right now. She used to be my “new catch” back then when I was still an undergraduate – how things change, it occurred to me.

So when peeps talk about their relationship turning sour, I simply reply in the end, “things don’t remain the same, things can never remain the same.” It is either it changes for the better or for the worse or for the worse then returns back to good old ways – it is all about changes!

Change occurred the night before and what we all see the morning after in a relationship is either a story gradually heading for the better or for worse. It then occurs that the gentleman in the relationship is gradually becoming an African man and he’s beginning to care less about some things; the lady is now becoming very good in nagging; the husband’s attitude has changed towards the wife and the heat is becoming real; sweet words that used to mean everything are suddenly becoming meaningless and cannot even melt the heart like it used to in the past; the random girl you used to know back then is getting married to a good man and you are still there making noise about her past; the playboy you knew back might not be the person you think he is anymore.

Change occurred the night before and what we all see the morning after in a relationship is either a story gradually heading for the better or for worse

blog bamzieFor every new day, we should remember that things might never be the same. This is reality and there are many factors to determine that – money, lust, hustle, time!
In the end, we should try to change for the better and make things work out (for those in a relationship). And if you are in my shoes, try going over your contacts whenever you’re free and check out the changes – the babe’s contact you saved on your phone as “Slut” might be stale right now, she’s surely a changed person for the better or maybe for the worse.

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  1. boblitetalks 11/06/2015 / 17:41

    Lol. I can totally relate to this article. Change is constant. A man gotta adapt to change


    • 'Bamiyo 16/06/2015 / 11:40

      Boss, that’s the point – Change!

      Thanks for checking sir


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