Actually, it feels good to be back. Let me quickly say a “big thank you” to my dear readers who got to read my last article and also took the pain to broadcast to friends.

Question wordsFailure to define what is going on in a relationship has led to many sad endings – heartbreaks, tears on the pillow and the evil here is payback we all think about is always not as perfect, sometimes we wish we never paid back in the first place.

Since you already know Uncle Tunde’s tale, I will like to make the whole topic clearer by looking at it from two angles: the ones that believe action speaks louder than words and the ones that feel love should be expressly said and not implied.

Some might find it cool to take a lady out to see the movies, buy her dinner almost every evening, spend time with her, even shower her gifts all with the intention of getting in- between her thighs and meanwhile the lady who is receiving such care and attention from the dude might have the impression that the dude wants to date her and tag him “potential good boyfriend”. Maybe I should shed more light with the example of a dude that calls a chic every night to check up on her and talk into the night saying all sweet words for minutes making the lady read meanings to the calls. The lady soon formed the habit of getting his calls at nights. It will be reasonable for the lady to get vexed or assume she has wronged the dude if the call fails to come in two nights or – and actually while the lady is seeing him as a caring dude that might ask her one day, the dude on his side might see her as a cool chic whom he just admires and sees himself as just as “night caller”.

You see how crazy that can be when you fail to define it – you’ll be up to something else yet make her believe something different entirely.

It might sound rude and not too cool of a dude that tells the chic he’s only up to flirting with her because he’s got his girlfriend who probably doesn’t approve sex; while it may look like he’s being rude, I think he’s being real and open enough so the ball is in the girl’s court. I know of a certain dude that tells the chic “hey, I’m only up for sex, no strings attached” and that’s it for him – define it!

In the end, reality is every little thing a guy has got to do with a chic should be defined and vice versa – I used to know of one dude that got stuck onto this chic after they had sex but it was just sex for the girl.

The popular saying “action speaks louder than words” means before action (before impression is created), words must have been said (define it). It simply means words are not enough but it doesn’t mean words must be omitted.

Thank you.

Kindly watch out for this new blog coming to you soon, I will be featuring weekly as your Columnist on relationships and similar topics.



2 thoughts on “DEFINE IT (PART 2)

  1. Goldfab 18/06/2015 / 22:50

    This really got to me! Thanks


    • 'Bamiyo 24/06/2015 / 10:41

      Thanks Wuraola for checking up on the blog and for this post, I appreciate you telling me what you feel.



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