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If “Wife Material” were to really be a native attire style, I’m pretty sure it would have been hotter than “Oleku” – the old talk of the new town!
Scroll down your timeline on Twitter and you’ll see one tweep talking about wife material. Check the comments of a picture on Instagram and you’ll see someone telling the other that she’s a wife material – I tire!

Wife material in all sense means “take home to mama”. The babe that will sweep a dude off his feet and won’t be ashamed to show her off to the best judge of wives – our mothers!
The youths have different views for judging the yard of wife material a lady is made up of – her general appearance, how good her food tastes…

In the end, the ones regarded as non-wife materials end up being wives even before the so-called wife materials – a guy’s perspective might differ from the other. So much for having a material that might not catch a guy’s eyes.

If you ask me, I feel a lot has gone into consideration when it comes to being a wife material. Then I’ll ask you – how about being a mother material?


Let me begin by simplifying the whole thing. Whether a lady dresses well or not; whether she parties every Friday night or not, one sure thing is as soon as she gets the ring, she’ll drop them to impress the husband’s family – she definitely has the wife material worn under her tank top and bum short!

Every lady will be a wife material, I’ve got no worries for them. My fear is how many of them will be a perfect mother materials in the generation facing us.

Let’s analyze it…
What made a mother back in the days…

  • Raising A Child:
  • The way I see the future with so many educated ladies, I doubt if any one of them will really want to be tied down by babies and placed away from their various work places. They’ll rather get a nanny and so the early bond between the child and the mother will be missing. I see our ladies as less prepared to be held up in the role – a lady I asked thought she would be glad if the nine months of carrying a baby could go down into six months!

  • The Career:
  • Far gone are those days when mostly boys got enrolled in school, these days we see ladies not just in school but also “running things”, and believe me, it’s so cool and I love it. My fear however is too much of education gives you this belief that you cannot be shut quiet for no reason – your future husband dare not, he has to see reason with you!
    The reality is what we see in the developed states today where divorce is so much in records as marriage; single parents here and there!

    Let me stop here. This is just a thought, not some serious article (I’m sure I’ll work on this topic soon, with many lady writers). I hope I get many suggestions and replies.

    I’m not a sexist; I’m just a bit of a realist and I think reality is going to catch up with us pretty soon.

    Right here, a part of my instincts tells me that the ladies, just how they adjusted into womanhood, they’ll fit in as well into motherhood…maybe not!

    to be continued…

    I really want to post a continuation so mail in your contributions, thanks.

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