Finally valentine is here, at least everyone will stop taking about it after today. Its annoying how its all over the radio and television like there’s nothing else to talk about. Okay, maybe I’m pissed because I don’t have a boyfriend to share a gift with, but then on the bright side, I get to keep my money :D. I mean, it could have been worse, some people will give out gifts without knowing they are side chicks or guys or whatever…LOL! What could be worse than that?! Waste of energy and money!!

Now I’m not trying to console myself, but I will definitely feel bad if I have to go through emotional and financial stress to get a gift for somebody whom I consider special to me and with whom I want to share my love and then find out I’m not the real deal but the backup plan or assistant girlfriend. Omo, it will pain me gan, so I’d rather be booless and spend valentine playing candy crush on my phone.

The question now for y’all excited about valentine is “Are You Your Boo’s Real Boo?!” I know some Naija girls response will be “Who cares, shebi na to collect gift”

Well for those of you who care, do your investigations well before you waste your money. Last year, my roomie, Ify* spent all day sweating and making arrangements to make a nice romantic dinner for her boyfriend. The venue was supposed to be in his room, but the guy’s number refused to go through. Later, she got through to him and went to his place with the package. My other roomie, Tomi* came back from her date and told me she had seen Ify’s boyfriend flexing with some girl. We decided not to tell her so as not to break her heart on Saint Valentine ’s Day. When she got back she told us that her boyfriend said the food was too peppery so he couldn’t eat it, Tomi and I decided that we can not do Ify two favours; we either had to laugh or break her heart, so we chose the former. Ahan, uncle even if the food was peppery, its valentine’s day you’re supposed to receive it with love and not complain. But then, that is what happens when you are not your boo’s real boo.

Now if I had to choose between what happened to Ify and having no boo to exchange gifts with or show love to, I’ll grab the latter. So with pleasure will I celebrate my valentine’s day alone. I’ve got no worries.

Display Pictures have changed, Personal Messages have changed, gifts are being exchanged and two of my contacts tagged the same guy “boo”…the question is “Are you your boo’s real boo?”

*The names are unreal.

Dedicate This Poem To Your Lady, Click HERE To View, Happy Vals Day!


4 thoughts on “RANTS OF A GIRL WITH NO VAL.

  1. Amaka 14/02/2015 / 09:59

    LOL. You’re so hilarious! I like your style of writing. It’s very attention grabbing.

    But seriously, many of us don’t understand the purpose of Valentine. Read the story behind Feb 14. You’ll know that sex, boo, romance have nothing to do with it.

    Anyways, I have smth you might like: http://amakamedia.blogspot.com/2015/02/valentine-for-singles.html


    • 'Bamiyo 14/02/2015 / 14:59

      Thanks for the soothing words boss lady.
      I was going to drop my comment on your page but then network denied me the garce to log in and post a comment – that piece was fab and number 9 is so consoling, alongside the point that talked about the family…
      A valentine day shall come and it will be the first valentine some of us will celebrate for real, maybe when they’re married. Lol!
      Cheers ma’am


  2. femi 14/02/2015 / 10:36

    lmaoooo..dis is perfect val gift for me…..simple n hilarious..More ink to ur pen…


  3. Goldfab 19/06/2015 / 10:20



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