“Lift up your voices and cry unto the Lord,” the man of God said at the top his voice making the speakers vibrate heavily, “tell your father, say, oh Lord, before this year runs out give me my own child.” Just immediately, the hall shook as voices were let out of various mouths. Wale looked astonished as he was the only one that was quiet.

Wale had come to spend the holidays with his eldest sister and on this particular day, his sister had begged him to drive her to the vigil and stay back for the vigil as it would be too stressful to return and come for her in the morning. Few minutes into the vigil, Wale realized the vigil was for married men and women who were looking unto the face of the Lord for a child. The reason he couldn’t pray was because he didn’t want a child at the moment, he was still an undergraduate. Child keh!

This is what we get when we are with the wrong set of people or when we find ourselves in the wrong place – we begin to look out-of-place, asking ourselves if it isn’t a waste of time; the end then is full of regrets.

My 2014 hasn’t been without some ups and downs but I must say it ended with no regrets. I have a list of friends to dedicate the year to of course, but I shall mention a few.

To Joanne (who claims “super-duper woman now), Tope Babaoye (a bestie in a million ways), Siblings, Very Good Uncle Lere Taiwo, Ifeoluwa Dyce, Afolabi Araromi, Gboyega, Sheego Options 24/7, Gbemisola Osadua, Rosie, Jomiloju, Ayobami, Dre, General Smalls, Sir Kay, Temitope Dako, Yadah (Omo Pastor), Oluwaseyi (troublesome daughter), Kunoks, The Bello Boiz (Jamiu, Itee, Damian, Mankind), Law Graduating Set 2014, King’s College Boys, and my lovely friends and viewers on Blog Bamzie.

God bless you all.


I shall never forget December 31, 2009. I’ve always heard on the news and read in the papers incidences of people that die on the final day of the year, even up till this day. But on that particular day, I witnessed the death of a lady who was crushed by a car into a tight and dangerous gutter and she gave up some minutes after that – a very sad one!

Dear readers,

People die every day, a very popular quote in the mouth of my friend Bankole Banky Otegbeye but here we are, alive and shining. All I have to say is a big thank you to our Maker over my life and the lives of my risk-it-all friends – Lord Mayor, Chi Muller, Remy Jay, Biyo Lee, Mckeigh, Fashabs Baba, Marvin Jhobo, Gbolagun…

Thank you everyone for being there this 2014 – the soccer moments, the overnight reading moments, the owu moments, the party moments, etc. Catch ya’ll in 2015 – we shall all be great, stay blessed!

@baron _bamzie


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