One day something happened…
Just as Cole was retiring to bed after coming from a party, he picked up his phone which he had left in the room to scroll through and probably reply some messages he had received while he was away. Just as he picked his phone, he saw two text messages from Claire. The first message contained all sorts of insults but was incomplete as he didn’t know what he did yet to have gotten such a text from Claire, however, the second message made it very clear – she accused Cole of telling his friends all that had happened between them and also lying to his friends that he had had sex with her on several occasions, making her look like his bitch. Cole’s jaw dropped, “this meant trouble”, he thought.

He tried calling Claire to explain things as he was sure he didn’t “kiss and tell” but she didn’t pick up the call. Cole was totally restless and scared. He was going to lose a girl that he was finally beginning to have feelings for.

The following morning, he caught up with her as she strolled with her friends to the café. Claire gave Cole a little of attention, the best she could do for him but Cole wasn’t able to finish his explanation – Claire cut him short. “You’re just like the rest – you kiss and tell”, Claire burst into tears.

Feeling sad, Cole returned the way he had come but he was sure of one thing and that was the fact that he didn’t “tell”. So who let out her secret?


Three weeks later, Cole was able to get a chance with Claire. It must have been his lucky day for after that night, she never gave Cole a chance to say a word and would not even reply his greetings whenever they came across each other.
It was time to know where she heard the secret from, time to know who said he was having sex with her and who said Claire was his bitch.
After their talk, Cole was shocked to hear from Claire that it was Pat his room
mate who had told one of his friends who coincidentally happened to be a distant friend to Claire’s boyfriend who stayed in another city. The gist spread fast and her boyfriend broke up with her as a result of this. The shock wasn’t in the part that she lost her relationship in the process but the part that he didn’t even tell a word to Pat, therefore, Pat must have said what he felt was happening between the two in the room when they were alone – what friends do!


“Kiss and tell” isn’t the kisser’s thing these day anymore, that’s the truth and the reason his clear – no guy wants to lose a friend and the benefits of that friendship by merely not keeping secrets. A guy would do anything to keep the benefits coming through, in as much as the girl isn’t a popular whore on campus. The worst a guy could do is to tell a very close friend whom he trusts to keep his secrets or just give silence or laughter as the best answer when asked by friends. No guy, I repeat would “kiss and tell” in this very delicate age – he could get punished for it you know.

The reality is this – the person who gets to kiss the lips is not the person who gets to broadcast to the world for he knows what he might lose in the process. Rather, the person who broadcasts these days is the one that doesn’t have anything to lose by telling.

So, ladies, while you’re asking him “do you kiss and tell?” also ask him “do you kiss and have a friend that might tell?”

Truth is “kiss and…someone else will tell” while you’re busy kissing!

Thanks for your time, your comments please.


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4 thoughts on “KISS AND… WHO TELLS? PART 2

  1. gbenga 29/12/2014 / 00:46

    Lolz@ someone tells while u r kissing


    • 'Bamiyo 29/12/2014 / 03:55

      Lol. Yes boss, that’s what we see these days. Thanks for checking out this post


  2. Joe_Aito 11/03/2015 / 05:41

    Ok, here’s good stuff i’ve been missing out on.! Nice.


    • 'Bamiyo 12/03/2015 / 06:49


      Thanks Boss.

      In another news, been following the vote on facebook. Lol.

      Kindly inbox me yo pin on facebook



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