Kiss and tell, Uhm! Who doesn’t know what it means? That ancient phrase that’s as old as the art of kissing itself – even the folks that haven’t kissed before in their entire lives have heard it before.

When we mention “kiss and tell” it means beyond kissing, it means something more delicate that bothers the ladies more than it bothers the male counterparts. And why is this?

“Kiss” commonly stands for everything sexual done in the secret between a dude and the lady while “tell” simply means revealing the secret – this is the part that hurts our ladies most hence their common question “do you kiss and tell?” of course you the answer that comes out of every guys’ mouth even if they hardly meant it at the time the question was asked.

Well, it is one thing to “kiss” and another thing entirely to “tell”. Feel me right?

Cole was that fun loving and brilliant student on campus, fun loving was the negative side to his good story. He always got what he wanted from the ladies and surely gets away with it – he’s as crazy as that. He met this charming princess on this calm morning and suddenly, found himself tripping for this lady. Love at first sight?

Asides from the fact that he was going to make his move, he already got dared by his friends to show what he was capable of doing. He stepped forward and in no time, got this cute campus chic smiling and laughing at his joke – he’s got this huge sense of humour. Her name was Claire. Claire and Cole were fast becoming an item and while his friends thought Cole was in her life to “use and dump” her, he was beginning to think they could become an item. Cole found Claire lovely, fun to be with – just the kind of girl he would have wished to have for himself as his girlfriend. Friends, even foes too saw them together during the day and at nights. You could say they were getting too “close for comfort”.

“Too close for comfort?” Yeah, you could say that. On this fateful day, the duo went for lunch. After lunch, Claire thought it was a sunny day and was feeling too lazy to get to class, so Cole suggested they went to his room to see a movie on his laptop. One thing led to the other and the duo made out…shhh!

Claire had her boyfriend who schooled in another city and yet she was beginning to have feelings for Cole and Cole who has never had a steady relationship was beginning to convince himself that what was going on between them was true and real. They shared secrets and talked more about their families sharing jokes and funny moments.

None of them talked about “kissing and telling” as they kept having their little fun – they trusted each other.

One day, something happened…

We have 500 words already. Let’s get back to Christmas, see you on Boxing day!


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One thought on “KISS AND… WHO TELLS?

  1. kittypens 25/12/2014 / 11:08

    Awwwnn,somebody will start dreaming ’bout what will happen next now..oya fast forward christmas and post the sequel quickly oh…*kudos*


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