Hello friends,

Been a while I posted so I thought I should give you this piece as we talk about our 100th post on this blog.

Many things we do wrong because we fail to ask ourselves, I mean we unknowingly lie to ourselves when we don’t question ourselves before doing or saying some things…

About love and life in general.

Before you walk up to that charming lady, ask yourself if you would walk out on her soon.

Before you tell your charming lady “I love you”, ask yourself if you do really love her enough.

Before you cheat on your lady, ask yourself if it would mean nothing to you if you caught her cheating on you.

Before you happily rape the weak lady, ask yourself if you would happily receive news that your sister got raped.

Before you agree to marry him, ask yourself if you are ready to spend the rest of your life with him.

Before you tell a lie, ask yourself if you have ready more lies to tell to cover the initial lie.

Before you choose not to speak the truth, ask yourself if you would appreciate it if someone else lied to you.

Before you start feeling sad about the plate of rice in front of you because it has no meat, ask yourself how worse you would feel if the plate in front of you had nothing in it at all, not even rice.

Before you make fun of a mad man on the street, ask yourself if you wouldn’t be looking stupid laughing alone.

Before you start to criticize the world, ask yourself if you have reached that level of perfection.

Before you steal your neighbour’s property, ask yourself if you would proudly tell your mum you’re a thief.

Before you plot evil, ask yourself what you would do to all evil plotters if you were God.

Before you increase the school fees of the undergraduates, ask yourself how you felt when Awolowo’s free education scheme came to end.

Before you kill those kids for rituals, ask yourself if your son would be proud of his dad as a killer.

Before you collect money from a bad politician, ask yourself if you would be able to stand at the altar on Sunday and tell your church that God detest sinners.

Before you collect bribe from the other party, ask yourself if you would be proud to see a video of you in the act on Youtube.

Just ask yourself, do a double check today…if your actions today are bringing you closer to your visioned tomorrow or not!

‘Bamiyo Fatilewa




One thought on “ASK YOURSELF…

  1. Ebere Sandra 05/11/2014 / 17:15

    Having a second thought right now…. I love this


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