Disaster Date

Disaster Date

Hey Guys, Thank God it’s Friday right?!!

Today I’d be talking about datesasters, I mean date disasters – dates gone wrong.

I’m of the opinion that dating is about the scariest thing we would ever do in our teenage lives. It’s only natural to kiss a few ‘frogs‘ before we find our Prince Charming or Cinderella.

And whether we like it or not, we are going to have one of those ‘I wish I never did this‘ moments but we’ve just got to suck it up and laugh it off.

After some research, we would all want to avoid some types of guys: the Cheap skate; that tells you two to split the single plate on your first date.

The Needy guy who he doesn’t have his own life but wants to live yours for you, monitoring you.

The control freak, the preacher who thinks he’s just too perfect and tells you everything you’re doing wrong. The mama’s boy and then the Big shot who thinks he’s too cool for you.

Watch out for em girls. But if I’d come across any of these, I’m sure i’d have been okay. Mine had to be the disaster of the century!!!

I was out on one of my evening walks with my headphones on when I met him. I was in my bubble and didn’t even notice that a car had been slowly moving at my pace till I felt someone beside me.

I was scared at first but then stopped and looked up to find the most beautiful set of hazel brown eyes I had ever seen. He was tall, dark and well you know what’s next – handsome.

His Polo fit tightly to his chest; I could tell he was well off. He was too perfect.

‘Hi’, he said

‘Hello, how can I help you?’ I replied.

‘I just hope you don’t mind if I walk with you?’

‘It’s alright’, I said.

Long story short, his Name is Tunde, he got my number and it all began. He called and texted, we practically spoke to each other always.

He told me he was into the oil business and had his own company and a few petrol stations in the country.

I was wondering why it took him so long to ask me out after 3 months of endless chats and convos but he told me it was business and I understood, I was too hooked to be rational.

    Watch out for em girls. But if I’d come across any of these, I’m sure i’d have been okay. Mine had to be the disaster of the century!!!

We finally went out on a Friday evening and he took me to a nice restaurant and we ordered for our respective meals.

It was going well till I suddenly noticed him fidgety after a group of people walked in. I asked if he was okay and he stuttered the ‘I’m okay’ reply.

Few minutes later, a man walks up to us and the next words out of his mouth burst my bubble.

‘Tunde, what are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be home watching over the house and cars?’

I was confused and getting agitated.

‘What’s going on?’, I asked out loud.

As if no one heard my voice he continued.

‘So this is what you do when I’m out of town, you take out my cars and carry around all these small chewing gum girls ba?’

‘You stupid driver!!!’

‘Hand over my car keys and I hope you know you’re certainly fired.’

All this while Tunde was quiet, he was too shocked to speak and he handed over the key.

Guess I forgot I had to look out for the lying scum bags too but it was too late; advice for another day, I thought to myself.

I looked around to find everyone staring at me and I could only pray the ground would open up to swallow me.

Have a lovely weekend

With Love right out Teebabsy’s Heart!

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