By Tope Babaoye

Hi guys, hope you had a great week?

Welcome to today’s post.

This is one that’s very dear to me; it’s a sum total of feelings, experiences I’ve had and some shared about love, relationships and life this year.

It might be a little all over the place but in the end, it’d make perfect sense.

Love makes us do crazy things we all agree, there’s only a thin line between love and a host of other things – insanity, slavery and the worst of all a facade.

But when can we tell the difference?!!

You love someone so much and when you get hurt by that person it’s like someone ripped out your chest & it’s unbearable. You become the most understanding of them all, seeing reasons for everything but if you keep making up excuses. The truth is there really isn’t one, they just don’t care.

That person becomes an entirely different person and it takes a toll on you. You’re depressed almost becoming a shadow of who you once were but people only see the smiles, no one knows how bad you’re hurting, or sometimes it just feels like no one cares and you feel so alone.

You feel like you’re in a cage and you want to break free but you don’t know how. And the funny thing about life, people talk like they know everything you’re passing through and take sides without understanding shit!!!

Then it becomes a facade, a joke that you constantly have to make appearances to make people believe that its perfect…

Sometimes you just want to scream but nothing comes out, you’re becoming numb to everything. It’s more than okay to cry.

But this is where the line must be drawn!!!

It’s hard to let go as a part of you constantly hangs on but deep down you know it’s time. You’re thinking that you’d miss that bond you shared with that person. The fun, smart, crazy and stupid things you did together.

But you have to take that step to say goodbye to anything that makes you question your self worth.

I’d personally rather be alone and happy than depressed with anyone who treats me less than I deserve.

No one should ever try to settle; I’m not saying don’t make comprises to accommodate the other but don’t lose the value of who you are all in a bid to make anyone like or love you.

Don’t get it twisted, I want love but I wouldn’t lose my principles or values to get accepted by anyone or thing, it’s just not worth it; this is where we all lose it.

No one’s gonna truly love you cause of that car, weave, money or any other thing. It’s only flirting; it ends sooner than it started.

Sometimes I wonder if there’d ever be a time when I’d know all the right answers or right things to do but then reality sets in; I can’t always get it right; my good sides and flaws just make me imperfectly perfect.

I guess I’ve just learnt that nothing is certain and that in love, life and everything else, it’s just better to believe in yourself and look up to that Big Guy above.

No one validates your existence or value but you. It really is difficult because the truth is life’s a bitch! We’ve just got to take it by the lapels and kick some ass!!!

See y’all next week

Have a lovely weekend

With Love right out of Teebabsy’s heart…

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