After a boring and long day, just about to crash. Praise popped up into her blog to tag me on this – 20 Facts About Me!!!

Facts yeah? Things that haven’t changed about me – I can dig that out na, at least I’m in my early twenties and some things have to be said about this blogger and writer….

Let’s Do it! I’m real!!

1. I’m Yoruba – I can tell the world that cares to listen that I’m from Ilesha in Osun State!

2. I’m blunt – You want my opinion? Put it at the back of your mind that the truth is bitter!

3. I savour my privacy…DND!

4. I was born on July 23 – first day of LEO! πŸ˜€

5. I’m studying law. I’m about to round up, so don’t mess with a lawyer!

6. I made my first magazine at the age of 19. Let’s brag yo!

7. Haha, I went to King’s College, Lagos. Sound it!!

8. I’m humble. Some peeps think I’m proud. Smh!

9. I think I’m a bully x_x

10. I fall in luv automatically with girls from Edo state. Smh!

11. I’m not Praise :p. I love maths

12. I so much love politics…hmmm!

13. Tope Babaoye is the closest a friend can be with me

14. I’m always faraway – my one bad habit!

15. Been supporting Inter Milan since 2005. I’m so loyal!

16. I dislike girls that hate football!!!

17. I love to party, I’m not a freak though

18. I’m Omo Pastor. You can never know if you’re not told!

19. I’ve met people mayne – Jani Ibrahim, Belo Osagie, Philip Asiodu, Leke Pitan….don’t lemme bore you πŸ˜€

20. You can never catch me on jeans!

Thanks to Praise yeah, I just did this. Lol

Check out hers on Yadah_


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