Hi guys, how are y’all doing?

Welcome to my first post on teebabsy’s corner!

By Babaoye Temitope C.

We’ve all had a lot of firsts right? Some memorable and others, well we just wished it never happened.

This is a tale that deals with the latter scenario. Enjoy guys!!!

Everyone would admit there’s so much that comes with having a crush but most times people forget to leave out the ‘crazy‘ aspect in the whole fiasco.

I’d liked this guy for over three months now. He was perfect in every way. Tall, dark, handsome and smart ( I don’t only deal with the exterior, intelligence turns me on).

Well, I guess whoever invented that quote that ‘the tingly feeling you get when you like someone is common sense leaving your body’ was very right.

I was head over heels in ‘like’ with Chris. He was one of the popular guys in school, always had a rooster of girls around him and then the ‘wannabes’ who followed him around.

I was practically a stalker. I knew the time for his classes or free periods. I knew when he arrived and left the school premises. I knew his best food, colour, favorite musician and movies. I even knew how many times he used the gents in a day.

Yes!! I’m not crazy, I just had it that bad. I was waiting for the day that he would ask me out. I had increased the offerings I gave in church and made many pledges of what I’d do if only he’d ask me out and stop with the random hi’s and hello’s.


It finally happened that he asked me out and though I was cool on the exterior, I was doing the etighi to Iyanya’s kukure in my head. I was ready to give my pledge in church that Sunday.

We were going to palms to watch a movie and then since he loved Chinese, we’d have dinner at George’s.

The movie was lovely, we saw “A million ways to die in the west” but I can’t even recall what the movie was about all I could think of was the good night kiss I was gonna receive later that night.

I had applied my cherry flavored Chapstick about a hundred times and I kept on putting in new sweet flavored gums in my mouth; everything had to be perfect.

The movie ended and I was relieved and then we headed home. He opened the car door for me and walked me to my door.

In my head,Dr sid’s over the moon kept on playing….

Thanks for a lovely evening, I had such a nice time‘, he said.

This was it, the moment I had been dreaming of right here…

He leaned in, I leaned forward, then he paused again to say ‘I hope we do this sometime soon

Nothing troubles a girl than an indecisive dude. I’m thinking is it me? He doesn’t like me?!! Did I bore him? Amidst other thoughts.

He finally gets to it, I close my eyes and there’s a smile on my lips as his lips touch mine and I hear symphonies…

But as soon as it started, I could only pray it ended as quickly as it had started; I felt I was in a spit storm with his kisses so wet and sloppy. I knew I had to have a proper mouth cleansing after, his rabbit like tongue kept darting in and out like an airplane propeller!! I wonder if the dude ever knew slow and steady wins the race.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, his breath smelled of garlic probably cause of the garlic bread he ate that evening.

Suddenly it felt like I was running out of air, he was choking me with his tongue and to put the icing on the cake, I opened my eyes to find his eyes wide open!!!

“Who the hell kisses eyes wide open??? Who the hell does that?

At that point I was creeped out and had to do something. I immediately started coughing and In about two minutes within which I told him Goodnight and I was okay, I got rid of him.

I felt violated!!! Never knew one could like someone and it all ended after a kiss gone wrong!

I immediately looked for his contact on my phone and blocked him every possible way I could but before that I sent him a text in capital letters saying:

”I hope we never do this ever again!!!”


The next day when my friends asked me how the date went, well if only looks could kill as the look I gave them told them not to press it any further!!

I learnt a lesson though that when asking God for a date, I’d be entirely specific on what I want; we all know once bitten, twice shy!!!

Have a lovely weekend guys!!

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2 thoughts on “MY FIRST

  1. kittypens 10/10/2014 / 08:45

    Hahahaha,can’t stop laughing though…I pray I never have to experience such…nice piece sugar.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. gbenga 15/10/2014 / 07:45

    Nice. I feel for d guy sha o. He must hv been confused when he got d text

    Liked by 1 person

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