Hello readers,

Here is just a small something for you to read and ponder upon, both males and females, and share your thoughts.

As Africans, we hold on to several beliefs and stories about what things mean when they happen, and of course we are quick to draw conclusions. Bless you if those conclusions come to past or something similar such to say.

We are familiar with the stories of beating a boy with a broom or the stories of walking into a web in broad daylight, I need not dwell much on the beliefs the majority hold on these stories for what I have in mind tonight is far more than that – it is about the things that happen when a boy meets a girl and what these things mean.

Some weeks back, I met with Ade*, a friend and we got to chat on many things. One of them was about a girl whom he met and how his business went on a low; the signs that occurred to him and how he had ignored them all in the name of civilization and doing away with archaic beliefs.

Ade* got to know Bola* through a friend and they finally planned on meeting at a eatery nearby. On the evening he met her, he realized after some minutes that he was no longer with his keys, it meant they had fallen in the cab or on the road. As if that wasn’t enough while he tried to adjust properly on the seat, his wrist caught the edge of the table causing the pin of his wrist-watch to fall off. In his words, “double wahala for dead body…I sha gathered myself but I sensed these signs meant something.”

He explained how things had gone bitterly for him in his business, worse of all, he couldn’t even explain what he used his money for. He concluded that the girl had brought ill luck to him.

Seun* had a similar experience. He revealed that he ran into crazy debts in just one week after meeting Toun*.

He had known Toun* for a while and on this particular night, Toun* decided to come spend the night over. “The night was all fun,” he joked. The morning after before she left, he mistakenly stepped on a pin that had been on the floor for some days but chose that morning to punish him. As if that was not enough, his blackberry phone decided to act funny and that cost him a lot. His question: why did everything bad happen on the morning Tomi* was around?

Now, over to you guys. Do you really think these signs are really true, appearing as signs of bad things to come or just superstitious – a mere coincedence?


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