What You Are About To Read Is A True Life Story And It Was Written By…

Oya Guess!!!!!

Tobi Raji….. @towbhi

“So this whole thing went down some time in 2012″, I sigh,”I’m talking about something that happened almost three years ago, back when I was still a UIte.”

“I don upgrade now!”

“Anyway the day started out as any other Saturday, Benue road chilling, loud music playing, gisting with Sammie and Bamzie.

“Mainly about the party going down that night tagged ‘bottoms up’ by awon Phoenix Ent.”, we dubbed it ‘shidioke’ anyways, as per awa boyz na…

“We’ll rock this one we’ll pop that one, Sammie and I had attended one party on Thursday as per reps of one prestigious club on campus in our days and I was still in the party-spirit and was looking to do it again that night.

“We started making plans sha, called the other homies – ’em Jibzy, Skillz, K-Y, General Smallz, Ina Fire and Co…”

“I sigh!!!”

“Since it was a house party. Normal level buy your drinks along, by afternoon we had gone outside school to arrange all that, the plan was to shutdown the arena with popping ‘n’ stuff.

“Evening time came my blahd Sammie opted out, dude wasn’t showing promising signs of going before so it was no surprise, something about
fatigue or so, that part is vague. We continued the ginja, boys gathered at kuti for movement, by that time le hommie S2DKay and Ka’ Swag had
joined the movement, we all got into different vehicles and zoomed off.

“The plan was to chill at one joint at Bashorun area till around 12:30am before going to the party, you know…

“Get there late and make them
notice your arrival, when we were about leaving school I still called Sammie and was like ‘Guy you sure say you no wan show?’
Baba was like ‘no worry jare we go dey see tomorrow’.

“I sha freed the homie and we were on our way. The first sign that the night would take a wrong turn came when we were about leaving the joint and they had locked the estate gate!”

“We didn’t let that kill the ginja we packed the drinks into bags and started towards the junction –

*In Kanu Nwankwo’s voice* – ‘We were determIned to nefa gif up’ (the kind determination wey we supposed chook for academics).

“Back to the matter, I remember the bag I carried had 3 Moets bottles and one Absolute Vodka. We got to the junction found bikes and started
pairing, we all found our ways to the party venue, errr…sorry I mean the gate of the estate where the party was holding, by the time we got there
the estate gate was locked and we met other guys begging the vigilantes to let them in, it wasn’t funny, we sha joined in pleading all to no avail.

“After a while, some minutes past 1am I think, I was already fed up, by then the party organisers had come out too to beg them to allow us in as per say celeb (me) dey there na. Lol!

“All the pleas yielded no result oh my people. I was already dozing off near the fence, Ka’ Swag was sitting on a vehicle right in front of me probably wondering why he had not just gone to Agbowo to go and crash that night. At that time, I heard a new voice with a shout that rang out
thus in yoruba ‘awon wo niyen?!’ (Who are these people), then I heard
it! The gunshot….!!!

You Want To Know What Happened After That Shey???

Just Check Tonight…

Did The Bullets Hit Any One?
What Happened That Night In The End?

All Tonight!!!!


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