The Continuation!

“…At that time, I heard a new voice with a shout that rang out thus in yoruba ‘awon wo niyen?!’ (Who are these people), then I heard it! The gunshot….!!!

The gunshot!!!

“My dulling senses sprung back to life, in about one-tenth of a second I was wide awake I stood up and looked back over the
fence, then I saw it – gunpowder flash in the sky then I knew I actually heard a gunshot.

“By then people were racing off already
scampering about. I started running too and yes I’m somewhat a fast runner but I saw something that day that made me really believe adrenaline rush is REAL, there is this man like that, one of my bosses, Mr Wande Oscorbion #respect…

“On a normal day it would be impossible
for him to run faster than me ‘cos of his size (him get that kind rozay bossness) but mehn, my brother hear gunshot he ran faster than I could have ever imagined, faster than me sef…

“I ran holding the bag with the drinks, I fell down rolled in the dust a little, rose up and kept running…haha and yes another thing happened as I was about to start running, there’s this guy, Malik. He was already on the inside before but at the sound of the gunshot he cleared the estate gate with just one giant leap, it was like watching an olympic athlete!

“After we ran clear of the estate gate we began the ‘Israelite journey’ toward Bodija from Ashi (all located in Ibadan), about thirty of us, the plan was to check out any available clubhouse that would be open…

“The walk to Ojurin junction was a long one but we were all determined not to give up. Na Ak Skillz I dey pity pass that night ‘omo boti’. We got to Ojurin junction after about 40 minutes or so then turned left towards Bodija aiming for 411 or 0305 (GQ never dey exist that year). We continued our ‘irin ajo omo Isreali’ towards 411…

“When we got to Osuntokun junction some people opted to pass through the road there, but those of us Ibadan boys no join. Me wey know say police station dey there I go allow po-po use me chop tah!

“So anyway the rest of us kept moving towards Awolowo junction. It was around this time that Ak Skillz para when baba don frustrate. Well, just before we got to the junction, another thing happened. Suddenly we heard ‘e ma te mi mole o’ (don’t step on me o), Bamzie had almost stepped on a female lunatic who was using the roadside as a bed space, I could have sworn I saw my heart racing off, I was scared shitless. After that we continued our journey, quite uneventful till we arrived at Club 411. We met up with the others who fortunately had come to no harm, we went into Club 411, bought some drinks and settled in sipping liquor and gisting..

“Oh! Among all the 30 boys that made the journey there was this girl that was with us, ABUAD babe, I think. She looked like something that had crawled out an evil forest…naso we reach Club 411 finish she sit with her ‘boyfriend’ dey watch porn
for one corner I just use one eye peep dey look them ‘awon oniranu’.
“By 3:50am, the bar man came to give us the info that the place was to be closed by 4am and that we had to leave! Another palava! School would open at 6am and not a minute before, how would we spend the two hours we had left? The question was running through my mind but in the
mean time we had to vacate the arena, we moved out and sat with the okada men in front of 411gisted with them and stuff, we ended opening the Moet bottles there and performing ‘champagne ritual’ yes yes na u sabi. We spent about an hour there, we even made friends with some babes we met there, you’ll be surprised how funny those girls were…

“After the whole gisting and and popping ish, some of my niggas even exchanged numbers with the oloshos (I can’t remember clearly but definitely not Bamz), we felt like having us some wild fun and one of the oloshos or was it the okada men suggested Ibadan City Center, I had never been there nor did I even know a place like that existed but anyway we all paired again this time almost 10 bikes were needed to move us.

“We got to the ICC and yuck! I was extremely disgusted! Home of Razzness would have been a better name for the place, I’m talking razzness at its peak, it seemed to me like a joint where the touts of Ibadan went to chill out on weekends, we entered the joint stayed a while then went out again, some homies took a walk (Le search for olosho). The rest of us stood in a cluster and gisted about the environment, I later got bored with the whole ‘ejo riro’ and decided to take a solo stroll of my own while at the same time trying to locate the others as it was almost 6am.

“Oh! the things I saw! Before that I used to think stuffs like that only happened in the American college parties I watch on TV, I counted three ‘couples’ having carnal knowledge of each other.

‘After my waka about without seeing any of the guys I set out to look for, I returned to joined the group. By the time I got back they were back too already, it was time to head back to school. We boarded bikes and headed for UI, the bikes dropped us off at the school gate and we started another round of trekking towards school area, some to Zik, some to Tedder, some to Mellanby, the rest of us to Kuti, I wasn’t about to trek to Benue road in that state, ko jo rara! Sammie go ti e even too laff me…

“I remember the first thing I did as soon as I entered kuti was to kneel down look up to the skies and give thanks to Baba God for sparing my life… No be small thing…!

Beyond the whole gunshot ish sha it was fun, the walks, we shared stories and I bonded with some blahds, real hommies still standing today…

Shalla to all the niccurs that were in this with me KayY, Ak Skillz, S2DK, Bamz, Jhybo, Ka’Swag, Smallz, Ina, Albert and others.

*Kendrick Lamar’s voice* – “One Lucky Night With The Hommies”.

Kindly Watch This Space…
To Come This Week…!

“The Three Brothers That Fuck UI G… *lips sealed*

You want to know about it, if it’s just the title sef shey?
Just check here on Tuesday.


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