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My name is Tolu,
And on the edge of my bed I sit now brooding over the phone call I just received from…

Have you ever seen things come to an end, things that were yet to start, I mean things that never begun at all?
More like entering an exam hall and as you sit, you see written boldly on the wall: “STOP: 12.45PM….START: 5PM”, is that not absurd, I’m sure you’ll be so baffled, right?
Yes, I’m sure you’ll so be.

Still thinking aloud…
Ever wondered how you end a ‘beef’ with someone that was never ‘beefing’ you in the first place?
How about breaking up with someone who isn’t dating you at the moment but has plans of dating you someday – so twisted?

I met Toke on the first week of resumption when she was walking back to her hall all by herself. I couldn’t help but trip. Toke was just too cute to be ignored so like every other dude will do, I decided to walk her down to her hall and chat her all the way perhaps I could get lucky. No harm in trying shey?

I should commend myself for my not-too-bad looks too, she must have liked me for that…hmm, maybe not!
Maybe she liked me for the fact that I was good at holding convos for long and a good listener too…hmm, maybe not!
But she got to like me while we chatted all the way to her hall. Lucky me!

While we walked on, I noticed some things about her too.
She was really the happy kind, she laughed good and I mean, good like really good. She seemed to me like she’s got class.
I later found out later as we began to see more often that she wasn’t single. She had her boyfriend, “but he isn’t in town at the moment”, was her words and that got me really thinking I must say.

You know, I admit that things happened really fast and soon we were keeping evenings and visiting each other. It was some chilling mode yeah, I was really happy!

I heard from rumour mongers that we were going out, she heard too but we weren’t bothered – we paid less attention to them although our togetherness was beginning to beg for attention up and down. We painted a picture right, many pictures…lips sealed!!!

I always had at the back of my mind that Toke wasn’t single like myself so I tried well not to get too emotional in the whole thing. Sadly, I couldn’t hold myself back from loving her and showing her some care. She appreciated them so I felt all was fine, that kinda thing.
This was what appeared like a ‘green light’ for me and I went on liking her. It was reciprocal, maybe…ermmm, it was, yeah it was!

Maybe it was love or not,
Here I am on my bed…
Still brooding over that phone call.

So, some minutes ago I got this call. I was coming from the bathroom when I heard my phone ring, I dashed into my room to pick it up when I saw her name on the screen.

“Tolu, there’s big trouble oh,” she started in a tone that sounded not too good “I want us to stop seeing and you should stop calling me.”

“Wait, what’s all this a—“ she cut me short before I could end my sentence and she continued.

“I just don’t want to have anything to do with you again.
My boyfriend came around today and saw our chats, he is very angry with me and now, I think my relationship is going to crash. Just don’t call me again, let’s end it!”
She fumed.

I saw sense in what she said but not in the way she rushed everything together, worse was how she sounded.

She just sounded like we were in a relationship and she had double-dated all this while. I just sighed.

I’m still on my bed, brooding over the call. A part of me feels that’s not the reason she doesn’t want us to see anymore – there must be more to it.

What irony! I actually had planned on asking her out sometime in the nearest future – she just put an end to what was yet to start!



  1. Emmanuel 28/08/2014 / 13:46

    Good write-up, liked thre suspence


  2. Emmanuel 28/08/2014 / 13:47

    Good write-up, liked the suspence


    • 'Bamiyo 29/08/2014 / 20:36

      Thanks Boss. Coming for the national dinner?


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