Like thunder claps on rainy days,
Like chirping birds in the woods,
You must have heard this a million times over,
But I’ll say it again, like I’ve never.

It’s no repetition, It’s no Deja vu,
‘Cos every time I see you,
Like Christopher Columbus, I discover something new.

Your smiles;
Those radiant smiles
Shining bright like the sun in summer,
Bring warmth to my heart, Like a duvet in winter.

Like the Bridge above River Tyne,
Your brows arch perfectly above your eyes.
Those eyes, shaped like almonds,
Never cease to leave me stunned.

Your maker must be an architect,
Who took a lifetime, making you perfect
And He alone knows
What he was pointing at when he made your nose

A diva,
That’s what you are.
My beautiful lady, my belladona.

Written By: Chiemezie Ibe (Mex Konceptz)

To Come This Week…
– Beating The Truth Out. How True?
– Perfect Gentleman – The Issue!


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