I looked up, staring at the ceiling, searching for answers that did not exist while my heart raced along, faster than a Ferrari.

“Who stole the meat?!” My mother asked but I did not reply.

Seconds later, I fell down as a result of the thunder-like slap Iya Biodun gifted me. Without the need to ask me again, I started talking like a running water out of control. Well, that’s what the hand of a woman who makes fufu can do to you.

“Maami, it was the devil. I was hungry and my eyes, I don’t know what is doing it. It is always doing ojukokoro everytime. Maami, please I won’t do it again…”

“Shut up!”, Iya Biodun barked. “That’s the same thing you said yesterday. See, today I will beat thiefing out of you. You want to be like your father in taking meat from my pot abi?! I will beat it out of you today”.

“Maami, please, I won’t do it again. I have given my life to Jesus” I begged.

“That was what you said yesterday”, she interrupted.

“Maami, yesterday was lie. Today is Sunday maami, I don’t lie on Sunday…”

My pleas fell on deaf ears. My mother beat me so much that after she was done, she had to take paracetamol to relieve herself of the “hard work” she did. But would that stop me from thiefing meat? I don’t think so!


Come next Saturday morning you will be preparing to be the best lady for someone. Infact, this is the 10th one you will do and at age 37 and nobody has been your best lady. Not that you are not beautiful or of good character, things dont just work out. Instead of killing yourself by worrying, why not pray?

Basiru is your name and you are bricklayer. You are close to your 50’s that you have become an expert at building houses that you can’t count the number of houses you have built from the scratch but yet, you have not bought a brick talkless of building your house. The shame is too much that you don’t know what to do again. Er, you don’t have to worry, just pray.

You’ve been driving for the past 25 years that people know you as baba driver but you haven’t gotten your own car talkless of people driving you. Today is your 60th birthday and you are thinking of how miserable your life is. You dont have to worry, just pray.

The yoruba’s will say that a hen that is not dead can still swallow corn. Your situation is not a hopeless one. Instead of worring, pray more. Have a great day


Every situation contains a mixture of good and bad, a plus and minus and like a battery, has a positive and negative side. No matter how bleak it may be, there is always a good side of it.

The problem we face most time is that we dwell too much on the negative side rather than appreciating the positive. Don’t see the sack from a place you earn huge amount as a bad thing, rather see it as an opportunity to rebrand yourself. Don’t see your break up by that damsel/guy as a huge loss, see it as dropping of excess lugages.

In life, never concentrate on the negative because that will bring depression but when you choose to see the positive side of life, you’ll always be happy and smile always.


I’ve often wondered why we forget sometimes that it’s ‘the world’ and not ‘my world’. True, a man sure has to have his ‘inner circle’ comprising of people who help him to grow but sometimes, we tend to forget about the other people and the lives they also have to live.

Being a man does not have to do with the number of women you are able to conquer or how big your chest is, it has to do more with how much you can tolarate your woman.

Being a boss does not have to do with how authoritative you are it is reflected in how those under you carry out their duties willingly.

Being a leader does not have to do with how well your followers can serve you, it has to do with how well you can serve your followers.

Being rich does not have to do with how much wealth you amass in terms of properties, it has to do with how much you give away to help others.

Being a teacher does not have to do with your ability to blow grammar, it has to do with how you can impact knowledge into those you teach.

Being a brilliant student is not all the time about the A’s you make. Sometimes, it has to do with how you help the “dull” ones around you.

Being strong is not how many pounds you weigh but how you strenghten the weak.

In this fragment life, it is not always about us as the way others live is equally important.



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