We all know the whole thing or at least, little about rhetorical questions.

Back in secondary school, I learned that rhetorical questions were for effects and not designed for the purpose of getting an answer – they basically reflect on thoughts. Let’s say it is more like an assertion than a question.

These days, we get rhetorical questions, especially among peers and sometimes you just get irritated. As usual, these questions do not beg for answers, not because they reflect on thoughts but because they simply elicit some stupidity that can produce anger… LOL!

Let’s check out some illustrations I came up with.

Questions We Ask When We Just Want To Say Something.

You walk into a gathering to see a friend. On getting there, you meet his absence and you still go ahead and ask “Tosin no dey house?” Already, you didn’t see Tosin in the house so why ask again.

You get to your room and in disappointment, power supply is out, then you ask “Light no dey ni?” You saw that there’s no light and yet you ask.

A friend walks into the room soaked heavily in rain water and shivering, then you ask “Oh boy, that rain beat gan like this?” The person asked the question will look on at you in stupidity – why ask a question when the answer is clear enough?

Questions That Are Ridiculous; They Humilate One.

You heard and later confirmed that a friend of yours isn’t graduating that year anymore – he’s having an extra then you see him on campus when all his mates have gone to serve, you know what’s up but you just want to get stupid so you’ll ask “Boss, how far things na. U no go camp?” This is just wrong because you know the dude won’t be able to answer the question proudly – no one is proud to announce to the world that he has an extra year.

You get to your favourite canteen “not too rich” that day and you order some wraps of fufu without meat in silence, as you’re about to collect your food, the food vendor asks “Broda, you no buy meat today, wetin happen?” First, you’ll look around if there’s any girl around before replying in your mind “This one is foolish oh.” LOL!

Questions That Make You Angry The More, Mostly Asked When You’ve Just Lost It.

You get to the room to find that you can’t find your phones anymore, you tell your friends in the room. You get to explain in details all the places you’ve been to on that day trying to figure out where it must have fallen. As soon as you’re done explaining, someone just asks “Ahan, na wah oh. So na all the places wey u go be this?” The question is just off and may even cause the person to get vexed the more.

In a situation where you arrange the room in anticipation of a girl and your friends too are aware. Something leads to another and the girl fails to turn up. You tell your friends the whole story in disappointment and then one of your friends goes on and asks “So the girl no come be that?” *Lips Sealed**

Medicine After Death.

This type of questions don’t suggest solutions to problems, rather they just blame one for causing the problem in the first place – so wrong!

A dude gets a girl pregnant and then he finds some of his friends to tell them and get solutions to the matter on ground. After the whole explanation, he suddenly gets a question like “Why u sef no use condom?” They don’t create solutions, they only blame one for a misdeed – you definitely don’t want to be faced with this kind of question.

Since RHETORICAL QUESTIONS are not supposed to get answers, it is normal to call them “QUESTIONS FOR THE GODS”.

I’ll just look at you like this dude if you ask me ‘cos I’ll be so LOST!



  1. touchlineui 07/08/2014 / 11:27

    Lol..Bamiyo..This is cool..Shei e dan finish be that..lol


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