“In my car I was on this day, sitting close to the steering with my hands trembling violently. My eyes were wide open but I couldn’t see a thing, for my mind was restless and my heart raced more than a fan blade…for I had just attended my one-time lover’s wedding – my name is Clement”

Our love story started way back in our university days. We had just resumed a new session and I was in my final year – a perfect year to meet a girlfriend, for most of the girls in their final year had one thing in mind which is marriage. I met this girl just as we were all stepping out of a boring class which I almost regretted attending, her name was Tracy. Tracy was in her final year too; she was the shy kind and very much reserved but she had the stature any model would kill to have. She struck me as a wife material which all dudes on campus were looking out for and really, I was glad to have met her and even show her off.

I asked her out after some months and she became mine – trust my charm to work. We were the talk on campus, we were almost found around the same place; our love was off this world. We shared many moments together and our love was seeming fresh every moment.

I remember our convocation ceremony which was more like a “semi-introduction” – we met each other’s family and some of the gist I had shared with my sister were there for her eyes to see and she asked me if we were going to end up as man and wife because most girls try to have a potential husband in their campus boyfriends before leaving the four walls of the university and I assured her that I was going to discuss it with her before we went on youth service.

We caught up on campus some months later when we both came for our call-up letter, there I was able to have lunch with her like we did on campus back then and we discussed the issue of marriage. Surprisingly, she admitted she had always wanted to discuss the same thing with me but for the fear of being too forward for it was a delicate issue. I revealed my plans to her and calculated I won’t be marrying until I was around the age of 32 and she painfully told me that she might not be able to wait that long for she would be almost too old at 30 so she was looking to settle down at most, age 27 – obviously our plans for the future were different. It was then we agreed to mutually end the relationship when she turns 23, that way no one would get hurt and there will be enough time to settle into another relationship, those were her reasons anyways.

I was 26 when I got her invitation to be at her wedding. I agreed to attend since we ended our relationship on a good note and still kept in touch as good friends should. I however thought she married too early and there was no way I could have been her husband for I was still chasing some degrees. Ladies and their over-consciousness for age though, I wondered.

Now, here I am in my car with a sad spirit. I had initially pictured this day to be a moment where I will get to wish her well and laugh with our friends and prove to them that we were good lovers, only that our wedding plans differed much but no, it wasn’t going to be –
As I sat my gaze on her dressed in a beautiful wedding gown, I began to feel like a loser. Tracy was about to marry and I am not the husband. My emotions betrayed me as tears began to form in my eyes but I quickly dried them up before anyone starts doubting my joy for her on this good day of hers. I blamed myself for coming at all as all I could see in my head were moments we shared for three lovely years. I should have agreed to marry when she planned to, I blamed myself.

I couldn’t step back into the church hall as I couldn’t watch her say “Yes, I do” to another man.

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  1. Ruby 14/07/2014 / 18:53

    Finally! A post..Lol. Nice one dear


    • 'Bamiyo 29/08/2014 / 07:02

      Lol. Time has been tight to occupy you know. We should still do our team write up


      • Ruby 29/08/2014 / 10:53

        Omo kosi time men! Bh we really shud thk

        Liked by 1 person

  2. cciamaka 01/08/2014 / 10:04

    Well, dont blame Tracy, the life of a woman is quite different from a man’s.
    A woman has alot of pressure from her home and wouldnt want to look like some old hag hoping on what might not end up working.
    Believe me, im sure Tracy felt the same way, but she accepted reality and stepped away from hurt.
    Though guilty, i usually advice peeps to forget about going into a relationship until after school, that way you are more certain about the future.
    But then, we cant control who we can and cant love can we?
    Oh well..


    • 'Bamiyo 05/08/2014 / 00:22

      So full and interesting. I agree with you but the truth is we just can’t avoid these things even if we ctrl it well.

      Thanks for this dear. U rock


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