Written By: Mbali Mthethwa
Edited By: Fatilewa ‘Bamiyo

Suddenly it’s dark
My heart has stopped beating
My tears flow just like a river

I scream but I’m not being heard
My heart is in a darker place
A place where I’d never call home

He promised my mother that he would love me,
Said he’ll be the father I’ve been looking for
But he turned into a monster —–
Who is this man?
This man who shares bed with my mother and says he loves me just like his own,
But sneaks in when mama is away
And took my pride along with him.

The man I’m supposed to call a father
This man I’m supposed to love.
Who is this man?
This man that makes me his mistress when I’m just a child.
I haven’t reached my periods yet,
But still this man makes a woman out of me.

Who is this man?
The man I am bound to love and forgive
The man who has to provide a shelter

Who is this man?
This man is nothing but a rapist – a child most’s dreaded.
That is what this man is all about.

Dedicated to all the children that have been sexually abused and to a better hope of tomorrow.

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Blog Bamzie


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