Story So Far…
On a Saturday morning, the thirtieth day in the month of September, the whole campus received the shocking news of Susan’s death. The way she left the world left doubts and questions on the lips of many striking them hard that this wasn’t a natural death. Many people had various clues as to what killed her when actually the doctors were yet to release a full report on what killed her. We’ve read what the girls on campus thought, we’ve also read what the girls in her clique thought, likewise what her room-mates claimed killed her not leaving out what her haters thought killed her.

This Episode
In this episode, we’ll get to know what her sister who was a year younger than her thought and shared with her friends, we’ll also get to know what her parents thought led to her death.

What Ella Thought
Ella is late Susan’s younger sister. She was known as Ella’s better half and they both shared secrets; only Ella knew the real number of “aristos” Susan had when she was alive, she was also the only one that knew Susan sometimes left her room at midnight and went for parties while the pillows took her form on bed just in case their mother came to check up on her at night – many funny and dirty secrets lied in her hands. Susan also was the only one that knew Ella wasn’t a virgin any longer although their mum still held on to the belief that her younger girl was an angel. This closeness made Ella add one thing and the other together and then came up with what she thought killed her only sister, painful enough, her thoughts were to remain with her because the incident was one of their numerous secrets.
On Saturday, 15 July 2000, Susan told Ella to come along with her while she went to visit the herbalist for protection sakes and power so that Ade (the young rich boy in episode 1) will keep loving her than any other girl including Rosaline and that Rosaline, if she were attempting any voodoo against her, won’t prosper against her. At the herbalist place, she was given a soap to use in having her bath daily and she was warned to use it every morning and also made sure she said everything she wanted into the soap before using it and that anytime she failed to use it properly she was going to encounter evil – maybe sickness, madness or even death because “the gods shall be angry and shall punish her for disobeying their orders”.
Immediately Ella heard her sister died the morning before, she visited the herbalist in a haste and the herbalist confirmed to her that her sister, Susan got punished by the gods who made her evil fall back on her because she didn’t use the soap on the morning of Friday which was 29th of September, 2000 and also that Rosaline’s spirit was very strong – it was definitely a case of evil coming back to the sender, she thought. She believed everything she was told but couldn’t share it with anyone, not even her mum.

What Her Parents Thought
Since Ella didn’t tell her parents her story, her parents came up with what looked like what must have led to her death.
During the family’s last visit to the village, an incident occurred which would make her mother change her lament from “this is the will of God” to “they said they will do it and now, they have done it.”
Sunday, April 30 2000: The incidents of this day will forever remain in the hearts of her parents while the words in particular will be forever remembered by the mother because of this statement: “Linda, I will visit you, I will visit you in a very painful way and you shall know what it means to feel pain. I mean it oh and it is before this year runs out.” Mrs. Kwali made this statement after she found out that it was Susan’s mum that delayed her husband from sending a sum of N700,000 for her daughter’s operation which led to Sonia’s death. Mrs. Kwali was Sonia’s loving mum before Sonia died from a mysterious sickness. It was during a condolence visit that she voiced her pains in grief. Since that day, Susan’s mum had always been praying to God to protect her daughters too, now she was feeling like God didn’t answer her prayer and that Linda had finally carried out her threat.

To Come Tomorrow:
The Final Episode: What Actually Happened & The Aftermath and Implications Of All These Unfounded Thoughts

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