Susan’s mysterious death is still the story on everyone’s lips – what people thought killed her and what actually killed her?

Everyone and their different thoughts and opinion on this issue kept on amusing those who heard them. The campus girls already held the belief that she was used for blood money by Senator and it was really the most held thought among the ladies after all it seemed most likely as what could have happened in this particular case of Susan’s while the girls in her clique whom were actually less bothered about all the flying rumours did nothing to change what people on campus were starting to believe rather they waited for Joy to come back from the baba she went to visit.
Kike and Jumoke had heard enough!

What Susan’s Room-mates Thought
Kike and Jumoke’s reason for their room-mate’s death was taken into consideration by the parents, the school authority and the police, whether they believed was left to each to admit, at least, until the doctors made a full report after they must have carried out an autopsy on her corpse. Kike’s story convinced Jumoke in no time with her reasons given that Susan must have swallowed poison at the party she attended the night before. It was not the first time students died from eating poison, especially in a school where herbalists abound in the neighbourhood. Kike had noticed that Susan was sweating and feeling uncomfortable when she got back from the party around 11pm the day before, even after having her bath. Jumoke confirmed that she made it for the rest room more than three times that night and she eventually vomited before taking some aspirin which made her sleep off. The question however was “who poisoned our friend?”

What The “Haters” Thought
Seyi was one of the many who had a total thumbs down for Susan. She had many of her kind and their duty when Susan was alive was to make everything about her look bad, cheap, unimportant and not worthy talking about. Susan called them “bad belle” while she was still alive. As well as she was less bothered about them, they too were non-relenting when it comes to spreading the worse and untrue news about her no wonder people hardly took what they spread this time around into consideration. The story they brought up about her was worth believing because she bled to death – they told the campus and those who cared to believe that it was an abortion gone bad!
On Saturday, January 29 2000, Seyi had seen Susan come out of a clinic and she looked in a haste as if she was hiding from someone; weeks later Susan was hospitalised – she just summed it up and told her sister in crime, Tolani that Susan had had another abortion. She trusted Tolani in spreading this gist at that time, so many other gist of this kind came from their network. Susan’s death became a medium to mock her and her clique – the likes of Joy and the rest. They even paid Susan’s room-mates a condolence visit that Saturday evening with true intentions. They were really sad and after they had left, Kike, the fierce room-mate of late Susan told Jumoke that their reason for making noise on campus was now dead so they too will remain “dead” and silent on campus. “Peace to the campus,” she reasoned.

While they all waited patiently for the detailed autopsy report, mouths kept saying all sorts and everyone had their beliefs —-

Still to come: what her sister thought, her parents and what actually happened.

Thanks for viewing, I’m grateful 🙂




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