“A man’s real behaviour is that which is kept hidden”

This quote reminds me of the general saying that the child that is caught in the act is the bad child (an adage common among the Yorubas). This adage however true has some hidden flaws, I mean, for example the girl that goes around having sex and aborting pregnancies is seen as a better child than the girl that gets pregnant after her first sex. Likewise, the boy picked up by the police at night while travelling to party with friends for the first time is seen as the bad child when there’s actually another child that attends night parties regularly without being caught or picked up by the police. In the same manner, the child that succeeds is the brilliant one, how the success is achieved is no man’s business.

In otherwords, the bad child is the child caught in the act and the good one is the one smartly pretending on – I then imagine what will be going on in the mind of the pretender: the boy that has kept his bad ways away from those that believe in him; the girl that switches over to ‘daddy’s girl’ while around the family. These are the two-faced peeps and in reality, they can’t keep up with the pretence for long no matter how hard they try to hide it for the truth will reveal itself.

The hidden behaviour is the true behaviour, it can not be hidden forever – we can run but can’t hide – it shall catch up with us someday.

I guess this is the reason a woman beater who pretends to be nice, gentle and godfearing would end up beating his woman one day for the true colours can’t always remain hidden

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N.B: The blog title “BLOG BAMZIE” is formerly known as “INSTINCTS WITH BAMZIE”, therefore nothing in its contents and history has changed.

Blog Bamzie

Blog Bamzie


12 thoughts on “THE HIDDEN BEHAVIOUR

  1. Ceezar 27/05/2014 / 17:08

    This is the truth, they are seen as the “sharp dudes”. “Everyday for the thief, one day for the owner” doesn’t usually apply to the Sharp Dudes, it affects the “Not-Smart Ones” who are being caught during the first act!!! Painful!!!!…………Nice one Mr Bamzie!! Nice one!!!


    • 'Bamiyo 31/05/2014 / 12:20

      From the boss himself. Your views are quite appreciated sir. These kinds of beings will definitely be exposed someday, like you’ve said – “…one day for the owner”.


    • 'Bamiyo 31/05/2014 / 12:19

      Thanks dear. I’m following your thread too. Nice having on the blog


  2. Lloyd Fazzylarry 29/05/2014 / 01:14

    I quite agree with you @Ceezar…..Bamzie nyc one bruv….cuddose


    • 'Bamiyo 31/05/2014 / 12:18

      Thanks egbon for taking your time to read thru this piece, I appreciate gan.


  3. Brenda 29/05/2014 / 13:05

    #Nice one


  4. Femi Emmanuel 30/05/2014 / 07:21

    Well done Bamzie,dis is more than true..such stuvz is d order of d day nw…we shud b wary of 2-faced peeps…We might nt knw tho…#Just saying..Wolves in sheep’s clothing.Wud av loved a story to embellish ur point tho.Kudos all d same.


    • 'Bamiyo 31/05/2014 / 12:17

      Thanks boss. I thought I should place it straight and a bit short.


  5. moinattie 01/06/2014 / 18:24

    Cheating is part of the game, cos in the end people will only remember that you won


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