Saturday, August 1 2009…

I saw an accident happen live in front of me at Ikotun, Lagos.

As soon as I crossed to the other side of the road to board a bus heading for Ejigbo, I saw a big lorry on the side of the road i just crossed from that lost control and ran thunderously, crushing some market women and pedestrians on the side of the road; many were crushed to death.

I was on that side of the road some seconds ago, I thought to myself. I saw many lifeless people in a twinkle of an eye – there’s indeed one step between life and death!

Same road we all were on and some died, yet some didn’t.

Life is a mystery, someone come help me unravel. On that sad Saturday, I could have been on that side of the road too but I wasn’t – it wasn’t to be my end yet. The end – who knows the end? If those pedestrians and market women had had any idea that their end awaited them at Ikotun bus stop at that particular hour, they would have stayed back in their homes. Oh! What a mystery; a mystery only God can unravel.

Same road people drove on and arrived home safely, others did and met their end; same food we all ate, same food and he died after a slight cough – I don’t even know whom to blame for this life is a mystery and the only person that can unravel this mystery is our Creator, He gave us this breath after all.

I saw a picture and I was touched —

I saw a tree. On the branch that faced right, two chains hung from it wherewith the “swing” was made and a girl was happily swinging forth and back; on that same tree, the branch that faced left had a rope tied to it which had a lifeless man swinging slowly at the end of the rope.

Life is a coin – double faced!
While it shows light to some, it shows darkness to others; while it’s sweet to some, it’s bitter to others; while some are celebrating a new born, others are mourning the dead —

For those faced with the hard side of the coin, who shall they blame? Who shall they call upon to help them turn away the hard side of the coin?

Who- ? That’s my question. Life is just a mystery!




One thought on “IRONY OF LIFE 2

  1. aimpurpose 25/05/2014 / 21:04

    Guess there are times when our human experience points us clearly to the existence of a Supreme being who I believe though, cannot be held responsible for all the evils in the world. Our lives essentially find meaning in Him.
    Let’s be grateful for our stories and live our lives fully to maximise our potentials on this side of eternity to the glory of Him who has brought us here.
    Thanks for sharing!


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