I barely sleep at nights but when I do, it is always a short sleep. I woke up this morning – greeted those I wished a good sleep the previous night and wished them a great day ahead. Some didn’t reply then I realized not every body that slept the night before woke up that morning – a friend of mine didn’t.

The world is a mystery; a world of ironies – we set alarms to wake us up in the morning, the alarm goes off yet we remain stiff.

I wonder, the world is full of ironies. I blocked my ears for I want to hear myself only – not the alarm that failed in its duty.

I know a barren couple, they’ve been barren for years now. Different sex methods and various doctor’s advice has been taken into use yet they remain barren even after various confirmations that they both are fertile. While they keep trying patiently, the gate man goes in to the steward on the lawn just once and the steward conceived. Her next plan is to terminate the pregnancy – those that want it don’t have it, those that have it don’t want it.

The rich man is rich, lives in luxury, drinks clean table water, eats more of white meat then red, avoids stress and goes for medical check-ups every weekend. The poor man is poor, lives in penury, drinks water from the well, eats more of bushmeat, does stressful jobs to survive and self medication is his method whenever he feels feverish. I learnt the rich man now has cancer of the lungs while the poor man is strong and healthy – we only protect ourselves, ultimate protection is from God.

She needed money, so she joins her friends in sex trade with shameless fathers that have the money. She discovers she’s pregnant and it’s her first time of engaging in the sex trade. Her friends show her the way of abortion and she follows, the path her friends have been threading successfully. However, she dies after her first abortion operation, what a pity – what is good for the goose might not be good for the gander; one man’s food is another’s poison.

I realize people cry everyday, for different reasons though – that little boy is crying because his mother has refused to buy him another bottle of Ribena, meanwhile somewhere that I can’t name, there’s another little boy crying and his mother can’t get him water; the mother herself is thirsty.
I once felt that my day wasn’t going to be fab because I misplaced my earpiece then I thought of how the days of the deaf man were going to be.

It is one thing to be blind and another thing to remain in darkness; life is a teacher, we know. Our eyes are open for we can see it, we are just uncertain on where to head to…it’s a dark world.

Dedicated to us that have lost friends to this dark world.


3 thoughts on “IRONIES OF LIFE

  1. theinkheart 21/05/2014 / 07:48

    Your best article so far…. I felt the depression behind every word…. Good work, bami. You can only get better


  2. Oluwadoyinsolami 21/05/2014 / 07:53

    This is thought provoking as usual, you never disappoint. I’m sorry for your loss.


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