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Seyi was confused as the rumours that have been flying around began to get to him. The best thing is to see her and ask her, Seyi reasoned. Seyi needed to hear from his girlfriend if he was the only boyfriend she had. Susan reassured Seyi calmly in a heart-to-heart talk. “Dearie, you know I love you,” she said, “I can’t cheat on you.” She reassured him with a deep kiss.

Seyi had his reasons – he had heard from friends and few observers that his girlfriend had another boyfriend whom infact was “the original boyfriend” and that he was being “used”.

Susan is that campus girl that’s completely endowed and comfortable while Seyi is that campus dude that’s partially popular; you might not call him a big boy because his pocket is not so endowed but he’s okay too, plus he rolls with the campus big boys.

On campus these days, things like this arise and make one wonder what the “big girls” are up to – there’s one boy she fears and respects; she stands as his girlfriend while there’s most likely another boy she has feelings for which she keeps as boyfriend.

  • The Boy She Fears And Respects
  • From what I’ve seen around, the girls hardly see a lasting relationship with this type of boy – not because there are no feelings but because there’s really no peace of mind: days of ‘you didn’t reply my text’ to days of ‘who was that girl I saw in your car’ to Sundays of ‘you promised to check on me last Thursday’, to mention a few. In most cases, the boy in this category is always bigger than the girl – the boy might be a man, a big boy on campus, a big boy in town, a finalist (in a situation where the girl is a fresher), etc. The main characteristic is the huge age difference. The boy is the man calling the shots and the girl is the obedient servant; she knows she can’t mess with the boy. Instances when she feels she’s fed up, she goes for a rethink because she doesn’t want to break up, not just yet – she’s probably enjoyíng the ‘rep’ of dating someone of his kind but…

  • The Boy She Has Feelings For

  • It is totally different with this type of boy – this is her fine boy that she loves, oh – the boy she likes deeply; that gentle boy whose smile lights up her world. There’s no huge age difference so she finds it easy to relate and confide in him – this is her boyfriend, I mean the one she sees in the future when she closes her eyes. This is the boy she can do ‘shakara’ for for she knows he’s coming shortly to appease her and make her smile. She’s got the gifts from the “other boyfriend” who’s not always around so “this boyfriend’s” presence is gift enough. The boy too loves her so there’s this continued show of love – exchange of calls, text messages, ‘small’ gifts that matters. Don’t forget, if the girl is to picture her wedding day, it’s this boy that would fit the groom, however…

    This is one piece I believe every campus girl or dude would find easy to relate with. For the guys, where do you belong?!!

    And again, thank you for viewing. You guys are the reason I’m still writing, bless!!!


    7 thoughts on “THE BOYFRIENDS

      • 'Bamiyo 21/05/2014 / 07:30

        LOL! The boys they are sharing ehn…
        Big man, how’s it jare


    1. mhoji 19/05/2014 / 15:12

      the boy I have feelings for is the same person I respect.if I dont have feelings for you I cant respect you enough to date you.Nice writeup.l but it’s “hunched” in a way.


      • 'Bamiyo 21/05/2014 / 07:30

        Hmmm. That’s true love and the fake kind. The write up is not really hunched, the story is a fact and not fiction.
        I appreciate your comments always, thanks ma’am.


      • 'Bamiyo 29/12/2014 / 03:54

        Thanks luv. U too 🙂
        Trust me, I’m coming soon to comment on ur blog but meanwhile we’ll talk on bbm abt the structure of ur blog


    2. cciamaka 02/01/2015 / 10:47

      i asked for help with my blog, and im still waiting


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