N.B. The informal arrangement of ideas and the use of cliche in our posts on this blog are deliberate, for the better flow to address issues in a lighter way.

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An average African man would make use of his eyes more than his head, maybe this is the reason I have always adored this quote since the first time I came across it. I mean, how would an African man come across a naked woman and not pronounce her beautiful or adore her beauty by praising her creator when he can see what has been hidden under robes therefore he need not use his head to undress her after all she’s either stark naked or semi naked right in front of him – no need for him to use his head anymore and so without thinking far, he would adore her wholeheartedly singing “you’re beautiful”.

On a second thought, I feel what the writer of that quote was trying to say. He probably meant “Eve was beautiful in front of Adam” before they ate the forbidden fruit – the days when immorality had not started eating through the heart of man. Of course, every woman is beautiful when she’s naked, I mean at that moment, the eyes of the man would wander away from the face to the body – I mean, how won’t she be beautiful but I suppose she should opt to be naked in the right place – in her husband’s bedroom and (since we’re in a world where lovers live together and cuddle yet unmarried) in front of her lover, maybe.

Flowing from my thoughts, any sort of nakedness besides ‘the proper’ is ugly and yes I mean it, really ugly that I wish to be allowed into the rest room to throw up. Gone are those days when every woman was beautiful when naked, these days, most men are irritated by some naked women (those that dress far too casual). These kinds are everywhere – the likes of Maheeda, Afro Candy, Cossy Orjiakor (without dwelling much on them as a topic), even some of our mothers and their younger likes on our campuses.

I’m not saying naked girls are not attractive, definitely not for every man will find them attractive but on the contrary, I’m saying seeing a woman wrongfully naked will not guarantee her beauty because a woman wrongfully naked is likely to be advertising her body for what else but attention, money maybe. I would like every woman to be well dressed and be beautiful – that’s African.

In the end, I think the quote should be “every woman is beautiful when naked in her bedroom…and not on our streets or on the net”

Thank you.

…writing is beyond mere ideas, proudly instincts!



  1. aitojoseph 28/04/2014 / 15:06

    Yeah true…. But i see these nudity you talk about as a form of pheromone. A substance or tool to attract the opposite sex. Now when a woman can’t attract men with their intellect or behavior, they show skin. Animals also show some weird behavior when they want the attention of the opposite sex.

    You seen Ibo movies of young spinsters fetching water from the stream?? How do they dress??
    Yeah, e don tay way nudity start…

    My point is : It’s just basic nature for social animals to do crazy things to get the opposite sex..


    • 'Bamiyo 29/04/2014 / 08:38

      A contribution from the boss himself. I’m humbled sir.

      I have an issue with the argument on pheromone – however important to argue that the ladies have a certain way of attracting the masculine gender, I will suppose it should be done in the proper manner as we are higher animals and not the lower ones.

      I will support you on this from the point of view that we men tend to pay attention to the wriggling waist and hips or the upper laps that has been revealed far too casual rather than the face or what the head has got to offer.

      The change is not going to come quick I know since this has become a convention, just as you pointed out.

      Thanks for the contribution boss.


  2. Imran 28/04/2014 / 20:26

    Nice reflection…


    • 'Bamiyo 29/04/2014 / 08:40

      Haha. This is from a senior colleague that I respect.

      Nice blog you have too ma and thanks for the kind words.


  3. Brenda 29/04/2014 / 05:16

    #FACT!!!!! Yeah that’s true…. It doesn’t requires for a lady to dress naked bfor u knw she’s beautiful tho’. But all the same!, you’re wright!! Every lady is beautiful when she’s naked in her bedroom.. And not on our streets or on the Net!!! Thank you!….


    • 'Bamiyo 29/04/2014 / 08:44

      Thanks for this cutie. Keep it coming


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