(Culled from Page 1 of INSPIRO MAG, 3rd Ed.)

Being an achiever in life depends on two factors: inspiration and determination. I’ve taken my time to examine the lives of the extraordinary men in this world, read their success stories, how they overcame challenges, how they had to make sacrifices and how they had to make critical decisions in life. Likewise, have I studied the lives of the ordinary men who failed and never thought about “looking closely” to check the situation that led to their failure, those that never thought they had “the power to conquer”, all because they were never really determined.

There are three classes of people in this light. Firstly, the man who gets no inspiration no matter how hard you try to make him see the success stories of various achievers; secondly, the man who gets inspired after reading the success stories of these achievers and yet lacks determination or the will to transform his ways and acquire a new lifestyle in the pursuit of being an achiever in future; and lastly, the man who gets inspired after examining the success stories of these achievers and by that grows a spirit that is firm and unwavering, that’s determination. I can tell you the story of Mr Hakeem Belo-Osagie (cover page personality for the first edition), I can also tell you the story of Chief Tunde Oshobi (cover page personality for the second edition), yet I can still tell you the stories of Chief Philip Asiodu, Mr Herbert Okumagba and that of Alhaji Jani Ibrahim, how he rose up from the provinces to come study in King’s College, Lagos; how he traveled with his box on his head from the rail station in his hometown to Onikan rail station, how he graduated in flying colours from the walls of the college; how he made various decisions and so on. I can tell you many life changing stories but one thing that matters is your decision. You might hear these stories and choose to be inspired and determined or not, it all depends on your decision.

Determination is that quality that ought to be possessed as it makes one to continue trying, and not giving up on something even after encountering failure as failure is supposed to be a stepping stone to success and greatness. Determination would help one in making firm decisions and sticking to them when faced with options. If you’re merely inspired with no determination, you will see yourself having an initial drive to work but after few difficulties you will see yourself breaking down sooner or later.

Finally, I will leave you with these lines from our school song:

    “…playing up and striving each to do his best…if you fail, look closely seek the reason why. You have power to conquer if you only try…others went before you and attained the light, where they wait to cheer you victor in your fight. This shall be our watchword…”.

In all, let these stories act as sources of inspiration for us, and not just that, let’s also put those inspirations into action. Floreat!

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