Happy easter dear readers,

The piece you’ll be reading today is the kind that everyone would relate with. It is about that moment – the moment after the foreplay and before the cool off. However general an issue it is, I’ll assume the position of the younger male folks, most likely the university undergraduates.

A dude has just finished the foreplay; foreplays can be very long or sometimes short, the point is the chic must be turned on and ready for the action. For most of the dudes, just before they go on the girl the condom is worn on the penis and here is where I shall step in – what thoughts could have occupied his mind when putting on the condom: preventing an unwanted pregnancy or preventing a sexually transmitted disease.

Obviously, the dude will be thinking of preventing the girl from getting pregnant; he will be trying not to name himself ‘father’ so soon, at least not yet. The dude is about to have sex and the first thought that preoccupies his mind is “please, don’t get her pregnant”, the only reason for the extra care of sliding on a condom – such a girl is probably his girlfriend or perhaps a good girl on campus or the dude is certain that the chic is his bitch and not the ‘always available bitch around town’, so the dude is like this chic is worthy of a happy life and not the kind of life to be disrupted by the formation of an embryo. I feel these types of girls prefer to have sex with a condom slid on.

At this junction, reality must set in. Every average dude is likely to go with the third round of sex – you know, pleasure cannot be slowed down due to the ‘ultimate search’ for the third condom or the ‘slow motion’ sliding in of this third condom. Moreso, I understand some girls prefer to have sex without condoms – the skin feeling it is, therefore, the dude in this situation would be thinking of making use of the ‘withdrawal’ method or make provision for post-sex oral contraceptive – it is clear the dude is still having the thought of preventing an unwanted pregnancy at heart.

Now, the second thought of HIV or any STDs would stroll in stubbornly when having one of these rounds and the condom leaks a hole. The fear would come in when the girl in question is a ‘random girl’ such as those popular free givers, campus sex queens, club girls or the sex hawkers – as such the thought of preventing one of the STDs or HIV comes in. When he slides in the condom, he’s not even thinking of preventing an unwanted pregnancy (not under this circumstance sef) simply because that sort of girl is not worthy of carrying an embryo talk less of a baby for him. “A random girl is pregnant for you!” I’m sure no dude loves the sound of that.

When the condom goes off on such girls, the thought is like ‘to hell with a new kid’, the new one is to go and check yourself or sit in your room with the faith that all is well, that might be hard if you’ve just seen the SHUGA series. LOL!

In the end, I think when sliding the condom in, every dude should think STD not unwanted pregnancy after all there’s something abortion. Please don’t quote me.

…writing is beyond mere ideas, proudly instincts!



  1. katemanesa 21/04/2014 / 16:03

    Say No 2 unjust killing n destruction of foetus,Say No 2 Abortion!!!


    • 'Bamiyo 22/04/2014 / 23:55

      Thanks for the words of encouragement sir.


  2. naijachild 25/04/2014 / 00:08

    What exactly is the moral lesson of this write up?


    • 'Bamiyo 25/04/2014 / 08:05

      It’s just a thought on what comes to the mind of a man when sliding in the condom, more like sex education – that’s what I had in mind.


  3. chris u oliver 29/04/2014 / 08:56

    Nice but std’s have cures too,well except aids. True thoughts though,i wonder if i’ll have all these thoughts when i have my first time. I think its lovelessness that breeds condoms,esp lack of trust between partners;i mean if there’s faithfulness,if u find each others gonads clean enough to probably suck on,i doubt you’d be using condoms for anything


  4. 'Bamiyo 29/04/2014 / 16:18

    Sir Oliver. I agree with you on this but until we begin to trust our partners (and that’s if they’re ever going to be trustworthy) the use of condoms and these thoughts would keep coming.



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