Wassup pals,

You know how you feel when you’ve just had your bath on a Sunday evening after a hectic day – feeling refreshed and all you want to do is to occupy your mind with something less bothering, Monday mornings are quite bothering already…

Let’s gist…

A friend of mine once told me his story of a girl that was too demanding. He’s never seen this girl before – the social networks have been good yeah! He was still working towards meeting this chic but he had already spent for her like she were his younger sister – days of Blackberry subscription, bank transfers and other little stuffs. My friend however voiced out his discontent to his chic when she requested “something much” in the name of celebrating her birthday and also sent him an invitation. He wasn’t going to send a dime – he wondered what his role was in the girl’s life for him to actually send “something much” to celebrate her birthday – meeting her was surely not a better compensation and thus was the end of the “facebook love”…

Now, it is one thing when a dude is spending for a chic and another thing when he’s spending for an “unseen chic”. I know many of us out there would opt for a girl who doesn’t demand even when she’s really in need of it, he would rather want her to keep her calm and chill till he gives her what he feels she deserves and not turn him into her “father” – “am I her father?” I marvelled when a girl said the world pays more attention to girls demanding material stuffs than boys demanding sex which shouldn’t be – in otherwords, both sexes demand…whew!

Talking about demanding in relationships (whether seen or unseen relationships), it is best left alone becuase we all have our take on this. Going by what that chic told me, it means we all demand, the only difference is in what we actually demand from the opposite sex. The “sharp” dude will exclaim when the chic begins to demand too much – every dude loves that “Miss Independent”!

So I think when a lady demands “something much”, the dude will look into two directions – either give her what she wants and expect to get “something” in return or look the other way and feel irritated by the girl’s attitude. Perhaps, the reason a normal guy would be acting quickly and thinking fast so that he doesn’t lose in both ways (his cash and the payback in kind) and the reason a girl will be attempting to eat her cake and have it.

I just can’t dwell much on this issue right now but I hope we can get to gist more on it sooner or later.

…my friend lost his “facebook love” immediately he voiced his discontent and the unseen chic just cut him off her life totally.

A female friend said that served him right on behalf of all those “sharp” guys but this dude who’s feeling he has lost out wants to try and get in touch with this girl, if not for anything but for the things he had gotten her in past times – he must get it from her body.

Now, the thought in my head is…

We’ll talk about this soon enough, thanks for reading.


…writing is beyond mere ideas, proudly instincts!


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