“You no go die unless you wan die but if you wan die sha oh, you go die”

I remember these words from one of Abami Eda’s songs, no one would doubt the fact that Fela’s lyrics are something to ponder upon and so when I heard these words I sat down to think of some things, kindly share my thoughts.

I know no one in Nigeria wants to die and yet we all want to go to heaven…it means we all have to wait for the rapture or live forever, this I’m not sure is possible.

Fela Kuti will tell you to run when you see death and now I wonder how do we see death – is it that we should run from everything deadly? I won’t define the word ‘deadly’, I would rather give examples and from the song, snakes and commercial buses are deadly. Then I think, what if these are imageries which represent something worse than we can imagine…

A girl whose heart has just been broken could be deadly, unprotected sex could be deadly, canned food could be deadly, wild night life could be deadly, the high current of power supply could be deadly, a light skinned prostitute standing on the road at night could be deadly, even the policies made by our leaders could be deadly, infact the list is endless.

So I ask myself this question: what is not deadly in this world? Every good thing can be deadly afterall…maybe we should take a trip out of this world into the world beyond since everything in it is deadly, maybe…

“…you no go die unless you wan die” might mean you won’t sleep with a prostitute without proper protection or you won’t mess with Nigerian soilders by putting on camour-coloured dress, and
“…if you wan die sha ooh, you go die” simply means the direct opposite so better run from it.

This is just an abstract…dedicated to Fela Anikulapo-Kuti!

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…writing is beyond mere ideas, proudly instincts!


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