My name is Ade…
And I think I have a girlfriend…
Her name is Adeola.

She’s the kind of girl I’ve always dreamt of – that perfect shape, those lovely curves, good looks, great girl – the miss independent of my dreams!

To be frank, I don’t even know how we got involved to the extent of some tagging her as my lover…my girlfriend. The truth is deep within me I’m not so sure I have this girl.

Wait! I have a girlfriend…

It was a perfect turn-around for me, it was around that moment when I needed to prove to my ex that she wasn’t the only girl on campus. I had been thinking myself a failure afterwards, my ex was my third girl and she’s just left me like I was a piece of trash, leaving me clueless.
Now, you should know where I was coming from when I stepped into hall. It was my friend Kunle’s party, he was throwing a birthday party for his girlfriend and I had come to enjoy the evening, probably booze away my sorrows, gist with friends and forget the haunted thoughts of my ex, those were the things I had in mind. I never thought I was going to meet the kind of girl I’d always imagined in my head.
She must have been in same shoes with me or so, that I thought for she was there in the corner of the hall all by herself, she however had this perfect smile that curved her lips.

“Go and meet her, don’t dull bro”, said I to myself.
“Naaah, it isn’t needed”, I cautioned myself as I looked away.
I must have yielded to my mind when I suddenly saw myself standing in front of her.

“Hi pretty…”

It’s been months since that evening and things had already started playing themselves clean enough – outings, evening strolls, phone chats, gifts, cuddles, just name it. It was obviously the best thing I ever imagined.

I was definitely in love…

But I questioned my mind – was she in love?

Stop! I think I have a girlfriend…

This unhappy thought strolled into my heart with two travelling bags telling me boldly that it had come to stay. Wicked love!

Things were going smoothly or should I say things seemed to be going smoothly between us.

From her actions…
I could tell she wasn’t sure of us. I could tell she wasn’t ready to be rushed. I could tell she wasn’t ready to be sure of me as her boyfriend. I could tell she still had questions bothering her mind.
If i could speak for her, I would say she wasn’t ready to have a repitition of her previous relationship but the fact is we’ve been going out for six months now – so, that is definitely not the answer.

‘Sweetheart, you leave my clueless with your actions’, I would tell her.
‘Oh baby, we are good’ she will say between smiles squeezing my palms, ‘I love us this way’.

Enough of all these for I want something more out of this relationship. She wanted more too, she has confessed this before but she wasn’t just sure – the reason for my doubts this morning.

My reasons for my doubts this morning…

This morning…here I am on my bed deep in thoughts!

Deep in thoughts…for I’m yet to get her call or a text saying ‘happy vals day love’. All alone in my world this morning!!

A part of me tells me she’ll call soon…she would reply my text soon since it’s just 9am…that, I have a girlfriend!

Another part of me is yelling at me to be smart and embrace the bitter truth – it is
9am, already getting late, that if she was going to reply my text she would have done it earlier than now…that, I should start thinking and not reassuring myself that…

My name is Ade…
And I’m confused, torn between my thoughts…

On this day for lovers…
I think I have a girlfriend!

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I Think I Have A Girlfriend

…writing is beyond mere ideas, proudly instincts!



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