…from the heart of Eve

Between me and you
Tell me why it’s got to be this way
You left me all alone like a fool.
Tell me how I’m supposed to live this day
When my life is gone

Who is he my joy to bring?
Where is he my hope to wake?
Where is he to hear me sing?
Where is he to make me laugh for love sake?
Now that my friend is gone

They say forget about it
They say move on with your life.
How am I to live with love forfeit,
Or even cope and strive?
When my life is gone

They don’t understand
Neither do I expect them to
You’re irreplaceable – they can’t understand
You are my dream, my boo.
But that’s between me and you.

No one can take your place nor compare
For the joy you brought
For the pains we bore and your care
The words we said all in my thoughts.
When it was just me and you

So keep me in your heart
And never forget the love we share
Though circumstances may keep us apart
This love, I know we will always bear
Because it’s ours – for me and you.

…writing is beyond mere ideas, proudly instincts!


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