By ‘Bamiyo Fatilewa @baron_bamzie

Hello viewers,

Hope you had a fabulous day. We promised to spice up your week with articles and posts as we celebrate love this week, so today we have the concluding part of the places to meet your lover to be, the girl you wish to val…you are a dude and you’re yet to get a chic to spend this Friday with, I would advise you follow this post and you shall not be disappointed. 😀

THE CHAPEL GROUND: No offence to the christians whose favorite spot is the chapel ground for my intentions are holy. LOL!
This meeting point is for our christian brothers that need a girl to be their val. Come to think of it, vals day is on a friday so just before the vigil commences or before the spirit starts flowing, just hook up with that sister and tell her that God loves her but you love her more.
This meeting point has in record the meeting of our christian sisters and brothers in the Lord, in some instances, boys from spices can get to meet some sisters too, halleluyah somebody!

BOY’S CAFETERIA: This meeting point is associated to food and drinks and it is always flowing with girls who want to be desperately met by guys, please mark the word “desperately” – e no easy!
Topping the list is Kuti hall cafeteria, mostly patronized by Faculty of Arts girls; second on the list is Tedder hall cafeteria, all sorts of girls with “class” will eat here; third on the list is Indy hall cafeteria, welcome the Idiates and Faculty of Science girls. For a “sharp” guy, you don’t have to spend at this meeting point on the first day while for a “nice” guy, you might just spend beyond what you bargained for.

THE GARDENS: Anytime I think of this meeting point, I think of garden of Eden – your actions might lead you to becoming naked! Anyways, the gardens we’re talking about here are heritage and niser *clears throat*. These gardens have the highest number of hooks up at nights and believe me, any girl you meet here is either a Queens hall girl or a BQ girl – you are meeting the shakara girls on campus. Record has it that two of the current excos in Queens hall were met here when they were in their second year *lips sealed*

FRONT OF THA: You are bored and you want to meet a girl for fun, then welcome to this meeting point where the girls here are beyond “sure”. We observed that most of the girls met here are THA girls and few English girls :). Good news is any girl you meet here is just a novice, you know what I mean 😀

Well, here we are again and i know I’ve taken your time so I must appreciate you. Still looking for a chic for this val? Just go hang around any of these points and come give your testimonies. Till next week when we talk about THE MAKING OUT POINTS.

Thank you team UI, I love you.

…writing is beyond mere ideas, proudly instincts!


One thought on “THE MEETING POINTS 2

  1. @oluwashegun 11/02/2014 / 22:17

    Loool…egbon mii you forgot to add tantis!!


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