You probably shouldn’t be offended if a Kutite fails to return your good morning greetings because it wasn’t the best of mornings for them as they woke up to see one of the worst things happen to their hall, as a hungry man-to-be is an angry man.

It was at exactly some minutes after 6am, 3rd of February 2014,  when the Kuti hall buttery caught fire, razing down the popular Aunty Kemi store, which has served Kutites  and non-Kutites for many years. The cause of the fire is still unknown but it was suspected to have been caused by a power surge.

It was a cold morning when students were preparing for a new working week as they woke up to the BOOMING sound of exploding devices such as fridges, freezers, air conditioners, computers and many others. It wasn’t an appealing sight as we watched goods worth millions of naira go into flames. It took the late intervention of the Oyo state fire services and the University of Ibadan fire services to quench the “fire works”. The University students thought it was a “bucket and detergent” issue, but it wasn’t unfortunately. 

It was gathered from an eye witness that around that same time when the pandemonium broke out, a student was knocked down by a moving vehicle, around the sharp bend leading to the entrance of the hall, losing a tooth and a student was reported to have fallen down while running for help, this student happens to be the General Secretary of the Ibadan Varsity Christian Union.

At the scene of the outbreak were the Student Union President, Babatunde Badmus and his gang of executive council members. The university’s Dean of Students Affairs and the Director of Works were also at the scene as witnesses.

While the owners of the burnt stores are counting their losses and while we sympathise with them, it is only of our opinion that the Bello Hall buttery owner should start preparing to stock their stores as they now feed double the population of their normal customers. They should also be advised to take adequate measures to forestall futures occurrence.

instincts with bamzie
Instincts with bamzie
Instincts with bamzie

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